Davao Del Norte - A Refreshing Freshwater Dip at Haguimit Falls

After visiting the friendly bats at the Monfort Bat Sanctuary, we asked our habal-habal drivers to drive us to Hagimit Falls.

Located at 2 kilometers away from PeΓ±aplata proper and around 45 minutes from the bat sanctuary, Haguimit falls is composed of small waterfalls with natural swimming pools and huge rock formations. A great place to just relax and take a dip on cold fresh water.

I was surprised to see different cascades of water coming from various little waterfalls. The water is clear that it appears aqua in color. I was also amazed on how we could just enjoy and relax sitting in the surging rapids with the cold water pounding our bodies.

It was a treat after travelling for 45 minutes on a habal-habal under the scorching heat of the sun. Hahaha!!!

The place is huge and not yet fully developed. However, cottages, restrooms and snack bars are available within the complex. I like it being undeveloped as it gives me a natural feel of the environment. Another great way to be one with nature.

This is another breath-taking spot worth visiting when spending a vacation is this lovely island.

You may read my previous post on how to get to Samal Island.

This post is part of my adventures in Davao City and Davao Del Norte with my MBA friends last February 19-21, 2011. Thanks to Joan and Clarice for sharing some of their photos.

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Davao City
Davao Del Norte


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  1. I have always wanted to photograph the Philippines .. It looked great in these images I love the falls. I started following you


  2. gusto ko din maka-kita ng medjo malaking falls :)

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun! I like visiting your blog because in all your photos you are always smiling and look like you are having a whale of a time!

  4. I agree with neliete. parang ang saya mu parate sa trips mu. kakatuwa. smantalang ako an daram ng mga entry. haha

  5. @JIM - thanks Jim! come and visit our beautiful country, i'm you will love it as well... =D

  6. @tina - Manila ka lang ba? try mo buntot palos falls in Laguna... =D

  7. @Nelieta - i always see to it that i enjoy every travel that I have.. thanks a lot... keep smiling as well... =D

  8. @rome - like what i always say, i want to come back to this province anytime soon...

  9. @thepinaysolobackpacker - wahahaha!!! minsan may mga times din na malungkot lalo na kapag pagod ka na... hehehe!!! pero i try to smile most of the time... keep smiling as well Gael! hope to meet you soon! =D


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