Davao Del Norte - Habal-habal Ride in Samal Island

As most people say, you've never been to Samal Island if you don't experience riding a “habal-habal”. This single motorcycle is the most common ride you would find in the island of Samal, especially when going around the tourists spots in the island. There are no standard fees as each driver or operator charges differently. It also vary depending on where you want to go and how long your tour will be.

In our case, we took 3 motorcycles which the resort contacted for us. At first they were charging us Php 1,000 pesos for each motorcycle. It's a bit pricey because the resort definitely has a commission on the payment that we will be paying them.

As it is beyond our estimated budget, we tried haggling for the price. Luckily, from 1000 pesos, we managed to bring it down to Php 600 pesos per bike. Oh yes! Pwede na! Go! The good thing with our drivers is they are very accommodating and they know how to deal with demanding “tourists” like us. Hehehe!

I think 600 pesos is reasonable, considering the places we went to. Aside from the fact that it took us around 6 hours touring the island. Watch out for the places we went to on my next posts.

I highly recommend this group of habal-habal operators, I am certain that they will take good care of you!

So, if you're planning a trip to the island, please contact them for their habal-habal services. And please, Php 600 is reasonable enough. Okay? Wag nang tumawad! Hahaha! Thanks!

Kuya Ramil - 09098581115

This post is part of my adventures in Davao City and Davao Del Norte with my MBA friends last February 19-21, 2011. Thanks to Joan and Clarice for sharing some of their photos.

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Davao Del Norte


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  1. wow! d pa ko nakakatungtong sa samal! definitely one of my target destination next year! can't wait to see your next post. :)

  2. @tengturista - visit mo, madaming adventures na pwedeng gawin...

    Thanks po!

  3. meron din po sa probinsya namin yan... habal habal. :)

  4. hanep sa tawad ah haha halos 50 percent off =P

  5. next time i'll come back here, i'll definitely contact your recommended person. :) thanks!

  6. @empi - yeah, actually this is not the first time na nag habal-habal ako... my first was in Legazpi going to Daraga Albay... Thanks Empi! =D

  7. hahaha nice trip..habal habal... ki$$e$ for you pare...

  8. @MOKS™ - hahaha! thanks Moks! ki$$e$ for u later...

  9. Man u involve in lots of adventure activities..Great man keep it up !!!

  10. I would love to go to Samal as well. I have friends there who can put me up (savings na sa accommodation!). Hopefully sa next Cebu Pac seat sale I will remember Davao hehe

  11. Riding a habal-habal is an adventure in itself,it is my preferred means of transport when exploring secluded places and areas with rough roads.

  12. @Aleah - wow! that's nice! tipid sa accom... Thanks Aleah! I would love to read your posts on Samal island soon! =D

  13. @lakwatsera de primera - yeah, yan din ang sinakyan ko going around Albay... Thanks Claire!

  14. We're based in Davao right now and crosses to Samal all the time pero we haven't been on a habal-habal yet, SHAME! *face palm*

  15. never tried riding this one....

    Thanks for dropping by in my site and for linking and linking me... Have a nice trip always.

  16. The habal-habal ride was probably one of the highlights of my trip to Davao years ago. And it's pretty nice to know that little has changed in the place. :)

  17. @Cedric - such a beautiful place! sana they preserve it talaga and wag ma exploit... thanks Cedric!


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