Bulacan - Madlum River Swimming, a Refreshing Break from Mt. Manalmon Climb

The scenic Madlum River

Swimming at the Madlum river is one activity you shouldn't miss before or after climbing Mt. Manalmon. This charming river offers clear cold water and stunning views of massive rock formations and beautiful landscapes.

view from afar

The river stream

We, the Sosyal Klaymers, couldn't resist the compelling view of this river. Its inviting water makes a refreshing break on our way back to the jump-off point - a perfect place to relax and kill some time before our trip back to the city.

Here are some of the photos as we enjoy and had fun swimming at Madlum river.

climbing up the huge rocks

massive rock formations

going wacky at the river

carabao swimming with us

breathtaking view!

it was indeed refreshing!

Sosyal Klaymers doing the "lugar lang" pose...

The river is located at the foot of Mt. Manalmon. To know how we got there, click here.

we definitely had fun!

This 2-day adventure happened last January 22-23, 2011 at San Miguel Bulacan. Here is a series of posts on this one of a kind mountaineering experience with my group, "The Sosyal Klaymers".

Mt. Manalmon Climb | Mt. Manalmon - How To Get There, Travel Expenses, Climbing Fees and Contact Details | Madlum River Swimming | Traversing through the Monkey Bridge | Spelunking at Bayukbok Cave

Thanks to Ajel, Benj, Julius and Mitch for sharing some of the photos I used in this series.




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Leave the Cube said...

ang cute nung swimming kalabaw. panalo! ngayn lang ako nakakita ng swimming kalabaw. hehe. looks like a nice place, especially the rocks background. i appreciate this post!

Renz said...

ang ganda talaga sa bulacan. Kaya love ko ang hometown ko :]
Btw di pa ako naligaw sa part na yan ng San Miguel. North kasi yan ng bulacan. kami sa bandang south. SHARE

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

whaha ang ganda ganda ng ilog... tas may kalabaw pa whahah kulit!!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

@leave the cube - ang saya nga, first time ko din nakakita ng kalabaw na naliligo... hehehe!!! thanks po!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

@Renz - yeah, sobrang nag enjoy kami... ang dami-daming pwedeng gawin... next post ko is yung spelunking namin sa cave... thanks po!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

@Axl - wahahaha!!! nice noh? thanks! =D

Naughtyric's Blog said...

wew keren tempatnya gan, jadi pengen kesitu,hehe,,,
kalo ada waktu mampir balik yah disni

lakwatsera de primera said...

Ito pala yung Madlum River, parang dati may sasamahan sana akong adventure package dito, di lang natuloy

Pinoy Adventurista said...

@lakwatsera - nice noh? sarap maligo dyan... with that awesome backdrop, perfect cya for cam whores like us... hahaha!!! thanks po...

chinchanlakwatsero said...

ito pala yun ... nice .. thanks for sharing =)

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