Iloilo & Guimaras Adventure - November 20-22, 2010

I just came back from a 3-day vacation in Iloilo and Guimaras with my good friend Benj.

We arrived at Iloilo Airport early morning of Saturday. We took a van from the airport going to SM City Iloilo, fare is 50 pesos each. From there, we took a cab going to Ortiz Pier, taxi fare is around 80 pesos. This pier services boats that transfers passengers from Iloilo to Guimaras Island. We paid 13 pesos each for our tickets and boarded the boat. After a little over 10 minutes, we reached the port of Jordan, Guimaras Island.

Our day 1 of adventure started as we set foot in this beautiful island.

Here are the places we've been to and the actvities we did in Guimaras:

Museo De Guimaras - Read Blog Entry Here

Trappist Monastery - Read Blog Entry Here

Guisi Point Lighthouse - Read Blog Entry Here

Guisi Beach - Read Blog Entry Here

Raymen Beach Resort - Read Blog Entry Here

Rico Beach - Read Blog Entry Here

Island Hopping - Read Blog Entry Here

On the afternoon of day 2, we left the island of Guimaras. From Jordan port, we ride again a boat bound for Iloilo City.

We checked-in at Budget Inn in Jaro. It was raining hard when we arrived, so we decided to rest for a while in our room and explored the city in the evening. We also visited famous landmarks in the towns of San Joaquin and Miag-ao on the next day. We've been to:

Mooon Cafe and SM Iloilo - Read Blog Entry Here

San Joaquin Church - Read Blog Entry Here

Campo Santo, San Joaquin - Read Blog Entry Here

Miag-ao Church
- Read Blog Entry Here

There are a lot of places to visit in Iloilo, unfortunately, we ran out of time. We have to be in the airport at 8:00 PM to catch our 9:00 PM flight back to Manila.

I'll do separate posts on the places we've been to and the activities we did on this 3-day Iloilo-Guimaras Adventure. Watch out for it!

"Lugar lang Nong...!" =D

Happened last November 20-22, 2010, Ilo-ilo - Guimaras Adventure is a series of blog posts of my 3-day experience in these 2 lovely provinces in the Visayas. Discover the places we've been to, the people we met, the food we tasted and the experience we gained in this memorable adventure.

| Jordan Port, Museo De Guimaras and Trappist Monastery | Guisi Point Light House and Guisi Beach in Nueva Valencia | Raymen and Rico Beach Resorts | Island Hopping Adventure | Budget Inn, SM City and Mooon Cafe | San Joaquin Church, San Joaquin Iloilo | Campo Santo in San Joaquin Iloilo | Miagao Church, A UNESCO World Heritage Site |


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  1. whahaha.. agala ulit kayo heheh yaman....... :D
    kasama pa si katropa :D

  2. @Axl-wahahaha!!! onga eh, kasama ko si Kuya... Thanks Axl... =D

  3. astig talaga :]
    bakit ang dami mo pong gala? haha
    sana ako din XD

  4. @Renz-i plan for my trips... I believe na I was born to travel. Parang magkakasakit ako pag hindi ako naka-gala... heheh!!! thanks po... =D

  5. province ko yan! at ang ganda ng mga lugar dyan! proud to be an ilonggo! :D

    may new post pala ko tsong. byaheng bus :D

  6. @Bino- yeah, maganda talaga sa Iloilo and Guimaras. Ang people are so good... very accomodating...

    @empi-di naman po... tipid mode na trip lang yan... nasa 5K lang per person ang expenses namin dyan.. kasama na ang airfare (promo)...

  7. ooohh guimaras. mararating din kita.. abang lang ng piso fare... =)

  8. @chyng-yeah.. thanks for dropping by... =D

  9. nice places! naalala ko adventures ko... whats your fave among them mervs?

  10. @james-Guisi light house and beach is my favorite... actually, we took inspiration from your post, di nalang talaga namin kinayang puntahan yung iba pang churches kc kulang na sa oras.. thanks po...

  11. @james-by the way, i also like the campo santo, as we both love to take pictures, dun talaga kami nagtagal... hehehe!!!

  12. Super panalong blog post! I will read every adventure. Super thanks!!

  13. Okay lang na i-share ko to sa fb?? punta kami ng friends ko dito sa September e! Para may idea kami sa gala.. Thanks!

  14. hi there...im fritz from Cebu and i've been your reader since last year. your guide really help me and my friends in our adventure in different provinces in the Philippines...

  15. hi there...im fritz from Cebu and i've been your reader since last year. your guide really help me and my friends in our adventure in different provinces in the Philippines...

  16. how much un budget nyo for 3 days? Iloilo-guimaras combined? - jordan

    1. i think, we spent 3k each... for the 3-day trip... :)

  17. Hi po kuya,
    Thanks sa Blog..galing mo po..ang dami mo ng napuntahan.kung 1 day trip po dun sa guimaras, marami po naman sigurong mapupuntahan anu po?..- Nica


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