Pinoy Transpo : My 1st Manila LRT Purple Line Ride - November 14, 2010

Last night, on our way home from a weekend get-away in a resort in San Mateo Rizal, me and my friends decided to take the LRT 2 (purple line).

The Megatren, more popularly known by its generic name Line 2, is a 13.8 km mass transit line that traverses five cities in Metro Manila namely Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, San Juan and Manila along the major thoroughfares of Marcos Highway, Aurora Boulevard, Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, Legarda and Recto Avenue. (www.lrta.gov.ph/line2_megatren.htm)

We took the train at Katipunan station, which is said to be the first and only underground air-conditioned station. Since, it's my first time to ride the LRT 2, I was so amazed on the size of their trains. They are huge!!!

All I can say is WOW!!! Katipunan Station is awesome, I thought I was not in Manila. Hehehe!!!

It's my first time, let me have a souvenir photo taken. Hehehe!!!

Ricky and Joan, it's also their 1st time to ride the LRT 2.

It's a Sunday, not too much commuters...

This line of the LRT system is connected to the MRT 3 line. Since we're all heading south of Manila, we got off at Araneta Center - Cubao Station and transferred to the MRT 3 line. It was just 2 stations, haizt! Next time I'll ride, I'll try Santolan to Recto.

Araneta Center - Cubao Station

Manila LRT Purple Line
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Manila LRT Purple Line is the second line of the Manila Light Rail Transit System. The line contains eleven stations and runs over 13.8 kilometers of mostly elevated track, with the exception of Katipunan station, which is underground. As the name implies, the line is colored purple on all LRT maps.

The line runs in a general east-west direction, linking the cities of Manila, San Juan, Quezon City, Marikina and Pasig. Passengers can transfer to the Yellow Line at Recto station, while passengers can transfer to the Blue Line at Araneta Center-Cubao station.

Before the launch of the Strong Republic Transit System, the Purple Line was known as MRT Line 2, shortened to MRT-2, or the Megatren. The former names are still used colloquially. However, the purple color of the line dates back to its opening in 2003.

Unlike the LRT Line 1 and the MRT Line 3, this line uses heavy rail metro vehicles.


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  1. whahah bawal mag take ng picture sa LRT bad chetah heheh "D

  2. @Axl-Meganon ba??? wala naman... basta nag-take lang kami... Hahaha!!!

  3. Oonga, buti hindi ka sinita ng gwardya. HAHAHAHAH! apir.

  4. @Isaac - I didn't know na bawal... di ko rin ma-gets kung bakit... hahaha!!!

  5. di pa ko nakakasakay ng lrt eh. MRT pa lang at kailan lang din ako nakasakay. kakainosente para masaya pala :D

  6. bawal ba talaga? ngayon ko lang nalaman yan ha!

    parekoy, napadaan dahil na-miss ko na ang tambayan mo. blogenroll \m/

  7. @Bino - MRT? naku, kainis sakyan yan... laging puno... wahahaha!!! mabilis lang talaga compared sa bus...kaya tiis lang sa sikip...

    @NoBenta-salamat sa muling pagdalaw...

  8. uu nga eh. laging masikip. tyagaan nga lang. hehehe. may bago uli akong post parekoy. bisita ka ha. hehehehe

  9. d pa q nka experience sumakay sa ganyan.. Anyway kua merz sori now lng nka dalaw..dami iniicp ai

  10. @Bino - tamaa!!! I'll check your blog later... thanks!

    @Glentot-korek! now ko lang din nalaman... hehehe!!!

    @Halojin-try mo pag pumunta ka d2 sa Manila... relaks lang... go go go!!! =D

  11. @mervz? hehe matatagalan pa bgo ko makatungtung sa manila hahaha salamat nga pla kuya at sorry now lang nkadalaw ult dito..

  12. Hi! How much was the LRT fare back in 2010? :) Any reply would really help. :D


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