The sacralization of the L5 on my spine

I had my follow-up consultation with my doctor yesterday. I also got the result of my lumbar spine x-ray, result shows that I have a sacralization of the L5 on S1. At first, di ko maintindidihan yung result, I was asking myself, “nakakamatay kaya ito? or kelangan kaya ito ng operasyon? A lot of things were running in my mind, until I brought the results to my Orthopedic surgeon. The doctor explained to me that the sacralization of the L5 on my spine is congenital, which makes me prone to back pains. Di ko lang daw nararamdaman masyado when I was younger kasi konti pa lang ang mga activities ko. But now, since I’m into different strenous activities, I’ve become succeptible to back pains.

Since I’ve been experiencing back pains in the past 3 weeks, the doctor advised me to take a 4 day bed rest and continue my medication, if hindi magbago, I need to go through physical theraphy. Hay… magastos huh!? Hehehe! But still, I’m so thankful kasi di naman pala malala ang sakit ko… It’s congenital and wala naman talaga cure, so, with proper exercise and staying away from strenous activities, I could get away with severe back pains that I’m experiencing right now.

Kaya ko kaya umiwas sa mga adventures ko?

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  1. PinoyAdventurista won't be PinoyAdventurista without the "adventure"!

    Todo ingat na lang po sa adventures para masaya pa rin... :)


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