Classes and Work are Suspended in Metro Manila on November 12-15 and 16-17, 2017?

ASEAN SUMMIT holidays in November 2017 Metro Manila Philippines

Classes and Work are Suspended in Metro Manila on November 12-15, and 16-17, 2017?

In a Facebook post by Presidential Security Group, it announced that "In line with the upcoming 31st ASEAN Summit on 12-15 November 2017, classes and work in Metro Manila are suspended on said dates." Is it confirmed or not? I tried to search the internet for the Proclamation of holidays on the said dates, but I can't find any. So, I guess, we still have to wait for the official proclamation if the said dates are really a holiday in Metro Manila.

Below is the Facebook post:

ASEAN SUMMIT holidays in November 2017 Metro Manila Philippines


09-19-2017 - The post by Presidential Security Group Facebook Page has been deleted.

09-19-2017 - PSG clarifies suspension of government work/suspension of classes in Metro Manila on November 12-15 due to ASEAN via Manila Bulletin. See below.

ASEAN SUMMIT holidays in November 2017 Metro Manila Philippines

10-10-2017 - via CNN Philippines: "The Metro Manila Council (MMC) on Tuesday said that classes in all levels in Metro Manila public and private schools will be suspended on November 16 and 17 due to the 31st ASEAN Summit.

The MMC added that an announcement on any suspension of work and classes from November 13 to 15 will be made by MalacaƱang Palace."

The ASEAN Summit is a semi-annual meeting held by the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in relation to economic, and cultural development of Southeast Asian countries. The 31st ASEAN SUMMIT is the second international summit to be hosted by the Philippines which is set to happen on November 10-14, 2017 in Clark Air Base, Pampanga.

Again, this is not yet confirmed. I will update this post as soon as a proclamation of class and work suspension on November 12-15, 2017 in Metro Manila is released by Malacanang Palace.

If this is confirmed, it means that people who work or study in Metro Manila will have an extra 3 days off at work and will have a long weekend starting from November 11 to November 15, 2017. It's time to plan your much-deserved vacation!

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