A Food Lover's Guide to Cebu: Best Local Eateries and Markets

A Food Lover's Guide to Cebu: Best Local Eateries and Markets

Nowadays, Cebu is an active island in the Philippine archipelago that offers not only sand and sun, prehistoric sites, but also delicious cuisine that food fanatics from all over the world visit. To all those interested in knowing more about the heart of Cebu’s food scene, this guide will be of great help as it aims to provide information about the local restaurants and markets in the area. Taking a Cebu Tour Package would be wiser for those willing to taste Filipino cuisine, as you can have a guided tour of the best foods to try.

Discovering Cebu's Local Eateries

That is why Cebu's offerings mix traditional Filipino food with Spanish, Chinese, and American touches. This fusion makes it possible to get a good meal from many different types and relishes the tongue. One of the exciting places is “Larsian,” an open-air market that operates only at night. Here, patrons can enjoy various barbeque preparations, fish, and other popular dishes in the area. The environment is pleasant; the fragrant grilling of the barbecued skewers is the best feeling that captures the true essence of the Cebuano food culture.

Fine dining lovers can try visiting the “Abaca Baking Company,” which focuses on serving artisan breads and pastries. You can also ask for many dishes made of fresh products sourced in the region. The atmosphere is relaxed and could be ideal for breakfast or brunch, though this would not be the restaurant’s prime location for lunch. Some of the must-try are their specialties, including the crispy pork belly and house-made sausages, which is a true testament to the culinary prowess of Cebu.

Another bright spot in the food landscape of Cebu is Zubuchon, which is famous for its Lechon, or roasted pig. Famed food traveler Anthony Bourdain called Cebu’s lechon ‘the best pig ever,’ and Zubuchon delivers on this hype. Every meal is served with well-cooked crispy skin and juicy and flavored chunks of meat that appeal to every food enthusiast. If served with rice and partnered with some local condiments, then that is a taste of what Cebuano dishes are all about.

Exploring Cebu's Bustling Markets

If you are a food enthusiast on a quest to discover the culinary scene in Cebu, it would also be incomplete if you don’t visit its markets. These business corridors are markets where people buy food and other everyday household products and cultural sites in their own right. Arguably, one of the most popular markets is the “Carbon Market,” the oldest and the biggest market in Cebu.

Here, you can get all types of eatables such as fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, and spices. The market is quite overloaded, with vendors proclaiming their products, the bright colors of fruits and vegetables and other products, and the general noise of the market.

For those interested in seafood, “Pasil Fish Market” is something that you should not miss. This market has a rich assortment of freshly caught fish, crabs, shrimp, and fish products necessary for a healthy diet. The live fish market is ideal for observing the everyday activities of the local fishermen and businessmen. If you are in a hotel that provides the facility to cook, then this is the right place to buy food to prepare seafood from the oven or stove.

Another market that should be considered is the “Tabo sa Banay,” a weekly market that operates only on weekends. Buyers can find organic products and products made by the locals. It is the right place to enjoy some of the best organic fruits and vegetables, homemade jams, cheese, and many other products made by local producers. Everyone feels comfortable talking to the sales persons and buying food from the market because it’s a friendly place to spend the morning or afternoon.


Cebu is a haven for every Epicurean who wants to bite off the best food that food-tripping can offer in light of its multicultural influences. From street food such as Larsian to elegant restaurant offerings like Abaca Baking Company and the famous roasting of Zubuchon, something for everybody will always be available in the city of Cebu. However, lively markets such as the Carbon Market, Pasil Fish Market, and Tabo sa Banay offer an exciting view of the rich food traditions of the island.


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