How I'm So Impressed With Halong Bay Paradise Grand Cruise

How I'm So Impressed With Halong Bay Paradise Grand Cruise

I just returned from an epic adventure aboard the Paradise Grand Cruise on the luxurious high waters of Halong - Cat Ba. Let me tell you, this wasn't your average cruise. This was a full-blown floating palace!

What will surprise you is that the total cost of this luxurious cruise is 233 USD per person in the Captain’s View Terrace Suite for 2 days and 1 night. It was such a bargain for the most top-notch room on the ship! With a summer deal from bestpricetravel.com, I immersed myself in the charming scenery while enjoying the 5-star services at a very reasonable cost.

Many things made me love this trip more than ever. Let’s take a look at my best impressions of Paradise Grand Cruise.

  • Private waiting lounge and electric cart through private run away to the port
  • Modern high-speed boat, Paradise Express, with a capacity of 198 seats
  • One of the very few cruises visiting Viet Hai Village on the first day
  • Lovely tour guide, boat captain, and crew
  • The exquisite menu advised the Michelin-starred chef

Brand new ship

Launched in 2022, Paradise Grand is a luxurious cruise ship that sails through Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island. It is part of Paradise Vietnam, which is known for its high-end wooden amenities and excellent service.

There are 39 suites on board, all of which have private balconies with stunning views of the bay. My Captain’s View Suite is the highest class and well-appointed with a spacious area (35 m2) and a large private terrace from the second deck. What impressed me most was the ocean-view bathtub, and the two sinks made it comfortable to stay for two.

How I'm So Impressed With Halong Bay Paradise Grand Cruise
Enjoy the comfort of Captain’s View Suite

What is more, the Paradise Grand Cruise also offers a variety of amenities for you to enjoy. There was a sundeck swimming pool, where I was deep in the cool water and admired the bay view. There is also a piano lounge with live music, a Le Terapia Spa, and a bar for you to whoop it up. Everything is just perfect!

Interesting 2D1N itinerary

What makes this cruise so special is its unique itinerary. With other cruise lines, you may need a 3-day itinerary to get to Viet Hai Village. However, you can visit the village on the first day of Paradise Grand. It means you can save a lot of money while still enjoying one of the top favorite cruise destinations. Let’s find out the details of this cruise in Cat Ba Island.

Day 1: Hanoi - Tuan Chau Port - Viet Hai Village

After 2.5 hours in the transfer car from the capital, I started my journey at the Tuan Chau Port. Paradise Group has a private waiting lounge at Paradise Suites Hotel Ha Long, where you can enjoy luxury cafe, eatery, and boutique shop.

From here, I was transported to the port by electric cart and got on a speed boat to embark on the ship. As I was quite hungry, I went straight to the La Espacia Restaurant for tasty dishes and to see the picturesque landscape of Cat Ba Island.

In the afternoon, we finally reach the ancient village - Viet Hai. This tiny village, with a population that could fit on a single tour bus, stole my heart. I chose cycling around the winding road and the beautiful greenery. It took me some energy and sweat, but it was really worth the scenic view. For those who are physically inactive, electric carts are available. I also tried a fish foot massage, and it was so satisfying! The fish would exfoliate my skin when I dipped my feet into a pool.

I then got back to the Paradise Grand and joined a sunset party on the sundeck. From 17:30 to 18:30 is Happy Hour, so I can buy 1 get 1. Drinking my favorite stuff while immersing myself in the tranquil ambiance is the perfect ending to an energetic day.

How I'm So Impressed With Halong Bay Paradise Grand Cruise
Sit back and relax with Happy Hour drinks

As I finished the tea break, the cooking class began. The chef taught us how to make fried spring rolls. Although rolling the rice paper firmly was pretty hard, I did it well and received a cooking certificate. After having a luxurious dinner, we chilled in the Piano Lounge with exciting movies. The day ended with squid fishing, and I luckily caught some lovely squids.

Day 2: Lan Ha Bay - Dark and Bright Caves

My second day started early with a TaiChi class on the sundeck. It is an ancient Chinese practice combining martial arts, meditation, and physical exercise to refresh your body and mind. Then, I energized myself with freshly baked pastries and tea for breakfast.

The final activity of our journey is visiting Dark and Bright Caves. We hopped into our kayaks and paddled towards the looming entrance of the Bright Cave. As I kayaked in, sunlight peeked through cracks in the limestone ceiling above. The sunlight transforms the cave into a cathedral bathed in an otherworldly glow. I was quite sad that I could not enter the Dark Cave, which was too dangerous.

How I'm So Impressed With Halong Bay Paradise Grand Cruise
Kayaking on the emerald water

Excellent cuisine

Paradise Grand Cruise seriously upped my expectations. Their menu, designed by a Michelin-starred chef, was incredible. Every bite was a flavor explosion, from fresh seafood to perfectly cooked meats. They even have cooking demonstrations, so you can learn to recreate these dishes at home!

How I'm So Impressed With Halong Bay Paradise Grand Cruise
The Michelin-starred meal of Paradise Grand Cruise

Professional staff

I have to say that the staff went above and beyond. From friendly greetings to attentive service, they made every moment enjoyable. What truly impressed me was the entertainment staff. They were energetic, engaging, and full of life. They had activities planned for all ages and interests, from poolside games to dance performances and the fishing night.

My honest review

If you're looking for ultimate luxury and unique activities on a Lan Ha Bay cruise, this cruise line definitely delivers! Luxurious cabins with balconies, Michelin-inspired meals, and unique activities made for an unforgettable experience. The only downside I could think of is that the evening party is quite early, and the menu has fewer options compared to other cruises. However, Paradise Cruise is still a bargain for me.


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