5 Ways to Take Travel to the Next Level

5 Ways To Take Travel To The Next Level

Most of us are casual travellers. We visit other countries and see all the sights, but we don’t truly immerse ourselves or challenge ourselves. By taking some of the following steps, you could take your travel passion to the next level and build even more rewarding travel experiences.

Try backpacking

Backpacking is a way of traveling light that can allow you to more flexibly get around and see more places in one trip. It involves getting rid of the luxuries that you’d usually pack in a suitcase, instead focusing on the essentials. If you’ve always wanted to travel more freely and not be restricted to one hotel, backpacking could be worth trying. It’s also a great travel challenge worth trying for those who always overpack.

You can backpack pretty much anywhere in the world. This post lists some of the best destinations for first-time backpackers - here you are more likely to find accommodation aimed at backpackers, as well as fellow backpackers to travel with.

Travel solo

Traveling solo could be a great challenge to consider if you’ve always travelled with family and friends. It can encourage you to be more independent and to plan your own itinerary. And while it may seem like a lonely way to travel, it can actually encourage you to be more social and meet new people.

There are safety risks to traveling solo (especially if you are a woman) so you do need to be more careful as to where and how you travel. This post lists some of the safest countries for solo travel for those that want the challenge but don’t want to put themselves in extra danger.

Experience living abroad

Living in another country can give you a much more immersive experience compared to seeing it as a tourist. You can get a taste of what it’s like to live like a local. This could include working a local job or living with a local family.

Living abroad typically means staying for a longer period than you would when traveling. You may have to pay extra for a special visa and finding longer-term accommodation. If you’re thinking of moving abroad permanently, you may have to consider the legal requirements of applying for citizenship, which may require hiring a legal specialist such as a South Africa immigration lawyer. Alternatively, you could simply get a taste of living abroad by trying homestay accommodation or volunteer work for a few weeks.

Venture off the beaten track

Casual travellers tend to travel exclusively to the popular destinations and tend to stick to the most notable attractions. More adventurous travelers are more willing to go off the beaten track. This includes exploring lesser known towns and cities, and not using mainstream travel guides.

Going off the beaten track will take you to a few less glamorous places and you may have to be prepared to speak more of the local lingo. However, you’ll escape the crowds of tourists and you’ll see a truer side to the country.

Start a blog/vlog

Being able to share your experiences with fellow travel lovers can be very rewarding. One great way to do this is to start a blog or vlog. A blog or vlog could also serve as a personal diary and a place to share tips.

There are many platforms that you can use to start a blog. YouTube and TikTok are meanwhile the best places for video content.


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