Travelling Guide: The Best Sailing Destinations In The World For Superyachts

Travelling Guide: The Best Sailing Destinations In The World For Superyachts

If you've been dreaming of an adventurous and scenic vacation that will allow you to explore the farthest and prettiest corners of the world, a sailing vacation might be what you're looking for.

Just imagine — the smell of salt in the air, the feeling of the fresh breeze in your hair, and the view of the deep azure ocean — no other vacation can get better than that!
c If you're still missing the essential piece for a sailing trip — the superyacht — this is your sign to purchase one. Find a trusted yachting service and company, like Simpson Marine in Hong Kong, to ensure that you have a high-quality and durable super yacht that can serve as your perfect sailing companion for the trip.

Now that you have a yacht, it's time to handpick the best travelling destination for the trip.

The French Riviera

Jam-packed with spectacular scenery and awe-inspiring beaches, the French Riviera is undoubtedly a perfect sailing spot for any yacht and boat. It is a coastal region along the Mediterranean that provides any adventurous spirit with a sailing experience like no other. With the breathtaking scenery, crystal clear water, and warm sunshine throughout the year, it's no surprise that it's also a hotspot for big Hollywood stars.

The stunning 180-kilometre coastline is lined with olive groves, pebbled beaches, and sophisticated resorts. Sailing there, you should take advantage of popular tourist sites like Monte Carlo, Nice, and Cannes. You can also feast on the local cuisine at popular posh restaurants and go wild at the vibrant nightlife.

The Adriatic Coast, Croatia

In a country filled with various opportunities for adventure and escapades, Croatia's Adriatic Coast might be the most awe-inspiring sailing destination. This Adriatic gem features picturesque harbours, isolated anchorages, deserted islands, and historic towns — all in one package in the Northern Mediterranean.

Stretching from Pula down to medieval Dubrovnik, this country's coastline certainly offers a wealth of sailing opportunities with its reliable winds and more than 1,100 islands to see and explore. Croatia has endless clear waters and beaches perfect for snorkelling and diving.

The Bahamas

From the clear azure waters and beautiful sceneries to the sumptuous dishes and vibrant communities — The Bahamas might as well be an adventurer's dream destination. Located just off Florida's southeast coast, the Bahamas is famous for its gentle trade winds and astonishing view.

It has more than 700 coral cays that stretch like a necklace into the cerulean seas. Its myriad marine life and sheltered waters make the Bahamas an ideal sailing destination for families all around the globe.

The Bahamas is home to a dizzying number of islands, each harbouring unique features and specialities that offer tourists something different. Imagine sailing in a destination that provides the view of Treasure Cay in one region and a small yet vibrant colonial-era town when you anchor on the next one.

Greek Islands, Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is the perfect destination for those wanting to enjoy a sailing vacation on their superyacht. It offers a wide array of choices that you would regret passing up. One of those is the Greek Islands!

The extensive coastline and deep blue water of the Mediterranean Sea make Greece the perfect destination for island-hopping. Places like Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros all make the perfect escape for those seeking a dash of history and culture to go along with their sailing adventure.

The British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

The Caribbean has a plethora of sailors and wanderers looking to navigate and hop between its islands. Each has its history, attractions, and culture, but no one can deny that the British Virgin Islands is a top choice for most.

It offers some of the best sailing experiences in the entire region, allowing visitors to bask in the combination of adventure and luxury — all in one epic excursion!

With its warm winds, waterside restaurants, deep blue seas, and blissful beaches, there are undoubtedly several reasons to choose the British Virgin Islands. With its attractions and abundant marine life, it is not surprising that some see this destination as a natural paradise.

You can find hidden gems across the islands, like sunken shipwrecks and exciting sea life. If you're looking to lounge on the pristine sandy beaches or dive deep into the water, these islands are the ideal place you can do so!

Sicily, Italy

Sicily is known for its secret beaches, anchorages, and laid-back fishing villages. If you're visiting, try out their delicacies and traditional Sicilian dishes. Caponata, red pawns, pasta con le sarde, arancini, Alla Norma, and sarde a beccafico just to name a few!

The spectacular Aeolian Islands are just laying off Sicily's Northeast coast. This rugged volcanic chain, named after Aeolus (the Greek wind god), features seven stunning islands. Sprouting out of the emerald waters, each of these islands has its personality — black sands for Stromboli, hot springs for Vulcano, car-free for Alicudi, and vibrant for Lipari.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong can also be a perfect playground for sailors and boat lovers. Looking for iconic white beaches, interesting rock formations, and magnificent attractions? You can find all these on the doorstep of one of the world's busiest cities!

Whether you're planning for an overnight sail or a day charter, there is a trip in Hong Kong for every taste.

This destination serves as one of the best locations to sail and explore. With an excellent harbour, you can easily make time to load up your yacht and go on a sea excursion.

With over 260 islands that vary in distance, you might need all the help you can get to choose a location! Just a few minutes from the mainland sits the Middle Island, a destination filled with Hong Kong's most popular beaches and bays.

If you want to explore the easternmost edge of Hong Kong waters, you will find the Tung Ping Chau. It is a remote island that has the famed Cheung Sha Wan beach.

Other notable destinations in Hong Kong for sailing are Yim Tin Tsai, Po Toi, Sai Kung, Double Haven, Tap Mun, and Lamma Island.


Superyacht destinations are increasing as time passes, as more hidden sailing destinations are being discovered and uncovered. The most popular ones, those around the Caribbean and Mediterranean, attract some of the most significant numbers of charter boats in the world.

However, no one can deny that some locations, like Hong Kong, are not ones to be brushed aside when it comes to sailing experience!

Regardless of where you go, what's truly important is that you make the most of it. It's not every day you can go on a sailing vacation, so make sure you choose the best destination!


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