6 Amazing Destinations for Water Sports Lovers

6 Amazing Destinations for Water Sports Lovers

It’s always a great time for water sports activities. It doesn’t matter where you live. If you live in a place where summer is always present, then good for you. However, if that’s not the case, then you can always opt for a destination that’s a water sports heaven.

There are so many benefits of practicing water sports. Not only are they entertaining and exciting, but they are also beneficial for our health. Therefore, if you haven’t planned out your holiday yet, maybe this article will inspire you to do so.

But the question is, what are the best places for this type of activity? The answer is, there are a plethora of destinations where you can enjoy water sports. If you need some suggestions when it comes to this, then just take a look at our list below!

Amazing Places Around The World To Enjoy Water Sports

Jaws, Hawaii, The United States

A destination that definitely boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world is precisely this one, particularly Peahi beach, located in Haiku Pauwela, widely known (among the locals) as Jaws.

We assume that most of you have immediately thought of the legendary movie Jaws by Steven Spielberg when we mentioned it. Well, that's because it was named after it, due to its unpredictability to a shark attack.

It is an ideal place for avid surfers and it frequently produces waves that can be up to eighty feet high, which can be pretty challenging even for the most seasoned surfers. A lot of people thought that the waves won’t be possible to ride, however, now the surf is utilized by surfers and windsurfers alike.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

The Dalmatian Coast is definitely one of the most visited places when it comes to this beautiful country. It is home to UNESCO-listed cities, such as Split and Dubrovnik, along with breathtaking islands that are loaded with expensive and lavish yachts.

If you're not a huge fan of the tracks that are continuously packed with tourists from different parts of the world, plus you're an avid paddler, then you should definitely opt for a kayaking tour. Out there, you will stumble upon fantastic unspoiled coastlines, crystal clear waters, and historic ruins.

If you decide to pay Dalmatian Cost a visit, then make sure to include the islands of the Kornati archipelago in your itinerary. But can this place be visited even by the less experienced paddlers?

Definitely yes! However, if you still need some useful advice when it comes to this water sport, on this website you’ll get all the information you need. It’s filled with helpful tips regarding this thrilling activity.

Where Else Can You Go?

Heavenly Beautiful Capri, Italy

A wonderful island situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea is surrounded by numerous spectacular beaches, which are covered with tiny smooth pebbles. Out there, one of the most popular activities is sailing and visitors can reach the coast if they opt for a boat tour.

Who should visit Capri? Anyone who is interested in staying in expensive, sumptuous villas and who loves to freshen up with delicious Limoncello. Even though this destination isn’t for everyone (in terms of expenses), luckily, people can still run into free beaches that are intended for anyone who visits Capri.

Distant Tofino, Canada

A lot of people will tell you that Tofino is a faraway destination, that's practically a hallway across the world. But that's actually far from reality. In fact, this place is situated in Canada. This charming village has a truly serene ambiance and appealing atmosphere, which is one of the reasons why it's oftentimes loaded with tourists.

Several times a year, the beach houses some of the most popular events in this country, like Tofino Rip Curl Pro, and receives athletes from around the world. Now, if you love to surf, then you should definitely visit this destination since it is one of the best surfing places in North America.

Plus, let's not forget to mention the fact that all Canadian surfers go there to train. Therefore, if you want to experience a top-notch place, then you must definitely include Tofino on your bucket list.

For Passionate Snorkelers, Iceland

Even though you may be surprised by this suggestion, since Iceland is a very cold country, don't be fooled by that fact. Namely, snorkeling in this country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something that certainly must be tried out.

Just east of its capital, you will come across the Pingvellir National Park. One of the most astounding things about it is the fact that it lies on a joint of Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

Precisely this has made a huge, deep fissure that fills with a glacial melt that's been filtered through volcanic rock. The water out there is beautiful and crystal clear, however, since, at the end of the day, it is glacial, you will have to do everything that's in your power to combat hypothermia by wearing a couple of thermal layers, as well as a dry suit.

It is certainly not a place for those who want to get tanned, however, it is an experience that you’ll never forget and that you’ll be talking about for many years to come.

Phuket & Koh Samui, Thailand

There's no doubt that Phuket and Koh Samui are one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. And it's no wonder since both of them boast of out-of-this-world sea waters. However, if you do not want to just sit back and relax, but also indulge in some interesting water sports activity, then we have a few suggestions for you.

For example, you can begin with jet skiing, if you’re searching for something exciting. Fortunately, that’s something that can be done even if you do not have any experience. Next, if riding the waves is your thing, then you can do it anywhere from Phuket to Kata Yai.

Generally speaking, these destinations are ideal for water sports lovers, and out there (besides the aforementioned activities), you can swim, parasail, scuba dive, etc.

6 Amazing Destinations for Water Sports Lovers

Today, in this article, we wanted to cover different destinations that will blow away even the pickiest watersports fanatics. We honestly hope that at least one of our suggestions will be included in your next trip.


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