7 Bike-Friendly Islands You Should Consider Visiting

Bike-Friendly Islands You Should Consider Visiting

The pleasure of biking on unknown trails around the globe is one of the most surreal feelings one can ever experience. And getting your friends and family to tag along to explore such bike trail trips adds more joy to your cycling endeavors.

However, making it to some of these ultimate bike destinations can be a dream that remains untrue for many, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you! You no longer have to be clueless about your riding plans, thanks to this article featuring eight bike-friendly islands for every bike enthusiast.

1. Island-Hopping in Croatia

If you are someone who likes the idea of island hopping, but is not a fan of cold weather, Croatia can be a good option.

Bikes, islands, ferries, and beaches are the main attractions of this bike-friendly destination. Ferries whiz out to the Adriatic islands from Split, a port city on the Dalmatian coast. A fantastic route provided in Croatia initially visits Brac, Korcula, and Hvar before traversing the Peljesac peninsula and landing in Dubrovnik.

There are mountains to climb in order to work up a sweat, and clear waterways to take dips and swim in. And, a variety of delicious eateries with seafood and wine to finish your day on a good note.

2. Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula is a delight for people who like biking. You can ride a strenuous trail with a loop that has historical sites, a roaring coastline, as well as spectacular beaches between the jagged range of mountains and sheer cliffs that plummet into the Atlantic.

With around 2000 monuments from the Neolithic Age constructed between 4000 and 3500 BC, the peninsula resembles an outdoor museum.

Many cottages made of crumbling rock in the Dunquin village were left unoccupied during epidemics. The Gallarus Oratory, one of Ireland's best-preserved ancient Christian churches, is another breathtaking location you'll pass.

Before returning to Dingle Town, where there are several bars (many of which are hardware stores by day), pull over for a resting spot at the 12-century Irish Romanesque church and an old cemetery to make new memories.

3. Maui, USA

Pack a mountain bike for a trip to Maui instead of taking a car or truck for the trip, as this is hands down, one of the best biking trails in the world. Haleakala volcano on the Hawaiian island of Maui is among the tallest in the world at 10,000 feet.

The Skyline Ridge Trail, which begins from the summit crater and descends 3000 feet in less than 11 kilometers, is among the rust-red dirt trails that wind down its slopes. Apocalyptic vistas featuring cinder cones and the remnants of ancient lava flows are to be expected.

More experienced riders will enjoy the Mamane Trail descent to the lavender farms while you descend the trail and as you approach the farms on the side.

You can look for strong electric bikes that can withstand the rough terrain of the Maui bike trail since it is one of the trails that allow e-bikes too.

4. Papua New Guinea's Province of New Ireland

New Ireland, a lesser-known island that is a member of the Papua New Guinea archipelago, offers remote island riding of a different kind. You may fly to Kavieng, the island's largest town, from Port Moresby, the nation's capital.

From here, it takes five days and 264 kilometers to travel to Namatanai through the Boluminski Highway, past swimming holes, beaches, and caves.

The tourist information center describes the pavement as being made of crushed coral that is "extremely bright" until the tarmac (among the nicest in PNG) finishes. Many riders would surely choose to add this destination to their biking bucket list, and you can do so too.

5. Nantucket Island Cruise, USA

Nantucket is a tranquil location that is ideal for bike lovers. It is enriched with New England’s history and culture, as well as fresh-air panoramas.

Although Nantucket island is Just 221 km long and 512 km wide, a motivated cyclist may complete the trails in a single day, but you're best off doing a few short rides around the city and to the nearby beaches. It is indeed a great addition to your bike-friendly island list.

6. English Channel Islands

All motorized vehicles are prohibited on Sark, with the exception of tractors; therefore, the only modes of transportation are horse carts and cycling.

And by this, we can say that the island is very bike friendly and can be a place you can add to your biking list. It also helps that it is only 5 kilometers by 2.5 kilometers, incredibly calm, and nearly flat.

You can bicycle around its 14.5 km of shoreline and take in the vistas of France and the other Channel Islands. Children who are older can also try sea kayaking and coasteering.

7. Island of Vieques in Puerto Rico

Lastly, the island of Vieques, a tiny patch of paradise that is just 38 km long and 612 km wide, is located nine and a half kilometers off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico and can be a bike-friendly island for your biking experience.

Up until 2003, the US Navy possessed a large portion of this magical location. After that, two-thirds of the island was converted from a bombing range to a beautiful natural reserve.

You can descend downwards while enjoying the subtle wind and having experience with the dirt roads to reach remote beaches that are otherwise off-limits to vehicles.

Red Beach, a white crescent-shaped stretch of sand that sits beyond the crumbling asphalt airstrip of the former Camp Garcia, is one of the best of them. Although, many of the nicest places in this region still remain nameless.


Bike-friendly islands listed in this article are definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re an adventure lover. There are many more unexplored places in the world that are yet to be discovered by travelers and explorers. Hence, your search doesn’t have to end here. Keep riding, and keep exploring! Good luck!


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