Tips for Wildlife Spotting in Banff

Tips for Wildlife Spotting in Banff

The wildlife in Banff National Park is diverse and easily accessible. Every year, millions of people flock to Banff in the hopes of seeing a grizzly bear or the magnificent antlers of a bull elk. Many of the Banff wildlife species are unfamiliar to them; they've only seen them on Instagram or at a zoo. Seeing wildlife in the Canadian Rockies of Banff may be a fascinating yet sometimes all too brief experience. Hopefully, these animal spotting suggestions will allow you to experience a part of what makes Banff National Park so unique.

In and around Banff National Park, wildlife can be seen from practically any viewing point, but there are quite a few picturesque routes that offer a fair chance of seeing wild animals with the added bonus of great mountain views! Below are a few tips for wildlife spotting in Banff.

Get up early

Many creatures in Banff National Park go about their business under the cover of darkness. If you can get up before dawn, you'll not only capture wildlife at its most active, but you'll also see what's known as "alpine glow," a phenomenon that turns the mountain peaks orange in the morning light.

Drive slowly

You'd be astonished how quickly a large animal like an elk or bear can seemingly disappear against the dark somber trees of Banff. Driving a little slower (when it's safe to do so) will allow you to search for critters on the move without spooking them as they roam their natural habitat.

Have patience

While Banff is recognized for its dense populations of gorgeous creatures, keep in mind that the animals here are wild, and any opportunities to see them should be done on their terms. If you don't have a lot of time, try parking your car at a viewpoint and listening to a podcast while you wait. If you’re patient, more than likely some kind of wildlife will come into your line of sight and you might even get to see behaviors that most people never get to see in person!

Stay in your car

Leaving your vehicle in search of wildlife is unlawful and punishable by a fine in Canada's National Parks. Shutting down your vehicle and watching silently from a safe distance is the best approach to observe. Make yourself aware of Canadian wildlife before heading to Banff. You want to appreciate the wild animals of Canada and remain safe.

If you decide to move to Banff to be with the grizzly bears, moose and cougars - research every area. Be aware that Banff Homes for Sale can be hard to come by because you have to be an eligible resident. Word of mouth is still one of the best methods to discover a place in a tiny town like Banff. Some landlords prefer to rent to people they know or who have been suggested to them rather than promoting their rentals.


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