Is Komodo Worth Visiting? Exploring Pros and Cons

Is Komodo Worth Visiting? Exploring Pros and Cons

Do you plan to visit the Komodo but are unsure of what awaits you? You could be worried about the Komodo horrors.

On the other hand, you seek to understand why a chunk of explorers, travelers, and tourists rank the Komodo as the top traveling destination every year.

If you have the above challenge, worry no more. This article presents with ultimate truth about the Komodo experience. It gives you expectations of the islands, nearby valleys, rivers, and oceans.

The article starts by explaining why you may not feel like visiting the Komodo. Next, you will notice why Komodo ranks as one of the best global travel destinations.

Then, you will find it comfortable to give the Komodo a try or cancel it from your traveling targets this year. What is more? Find out below.

What Is Komodo?

Komodo is an island on East Nusa Tenggara, Southeast Asia occupying an area of 390km2. The Komodo sits between Flores and Sumbawa islands. It is forms part of the Indonesian Lesser Sunda chain of islands.

The national park comprises sub-islands such as Rinca, Padar, and the Komodo islands. Geographically, the Komodo National Park sits at the junction of two continental plates.

It has been little-known for decades. That was until it got declared a global conservation spot in 1980.

The sole reason for the universal protection of the site is the uniqueness of the destination- popularly emanating from its inhabitation of scary dragons. The Komodo dragons are now considered endangered species. 

Another root of the Komodo uniqueness is the utmost geographical contrast of the adjacent environment.

The hillside experiences an arid climate with dry vegetation, whereas the sandy beach sides are surrounded by climate-friendly green vegetation and corals.

The notable traits are the motivation behind exploring the nearby islands.

Reasons against Visiting the Komodo

The Komodo National Park is known for bulky monitor lizards, commonly referred to as Komodo dragons.

UNESCO data states that there are about 5700 dragons on the island. On average, the dragons are 3 meters tall and weigh 70 kilograms.

Their mouth has sharp teeth with saliva oozing from it scares away many travelers. Research shows that the saliva has a pathogenic composition that any animal they bite has less than a 10% survival chance.

The authentic horror is seeing the creatures hunt down their prey and swallow them without pity. They have poor eyesight and use their advanced sense of smell to hunt down and kill their food and enemies.

When disturbed, they can be dangerous to humans. Statistics quote 24 human deaths occurred between 1974 and 2012. That implies you should be vigilant when you visit the park.

Despite the massive improvement in tourist protection after 2012, you should not irritate the dragons if you do not want to get hurt.

Another fear-attracting part of the Komodo is the strange panoramic view of the islands. However, the islands and scary nature of the Komodo are where the fun begins!

The Interesting Part of Komodo

Many international travelers land in Labuan Bajo, board the Komodo cruise, and tour the nearby features. The travelers can’t wait for another holiday to again set their eyes on the scary dragons.

They miss diving into the blue coral beaches to view the intelligent mantras. Like them, you can snorkel, swim and sunbathe on the beaches.

The Komodo islands present you with an opportunity to appreciate the unique panoramic view of the world. The strange volcanic landscape will frighten you or become your source of pleasure.

Additionally, nearby islands like the Padar are conducive for hiking and romantic bonding.

Key Takeaway

The Komodo island and its environments can be dangerous if you interrupt the dragons. The boosting of security and other fun channels has made it a must-visit destination for a typical international explorer.

The islands present you with fascinating natural scenery, friendly locals, and a world-class cruising experience.  


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