Useful Traveling Tips for those who wish to Visit Kuwait with Kids

Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Kuwait With Kids

There’s so much to love about Kuwait. It is still quite the offbeat destination for many travel goers and is often not included in travel plans. This is largely due to the constant conflicts prevailing in its neighbouring regions. However, Kuwait on its own is one of the safest and peaceful countries in the Middle East for tourists to visit.

Best Time to Visit Kuwait with Kids

Kuwait is one of the kid-friendly locations to travel to in the Asian continent. Unlike other more popular cities in the Middle East, life in Kuwait is more relaxed than the hustle-bustle of most cities in other regions. The best time to visit would be during the winter months between November and March. There are slight chances of rain and the nights can get cold. However, the temperature is the most minimal and is great for those not accustomed to extreme climate changes.

Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Kuwait With Kids

Things to Pack for Kids Travelling To Kuwait 

Kuwait can get very hot during the daytime, so pack in light-coloured cotton clothes to protect yourself from the heat. Sunscreen at least 30SPF will help you combat sunburn, a keep a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and always carry a lot of water wherever you travel. The heat will cause you, especially children, to dehydrate faster.

Cost To Get There and Befriending Budget Airlines

It all comes down to where you are flying from. The flight rates from more well-connected destinations are cheaper, as direct flights are more easily available. Cheap flights like Air Arabia which are focused on budget travel are comparatively inexpensive to fly with.

How to reach Kuwait?

The most popular means to reach Kuwait is via flight. The Kuwait International Airport has been in service since 1927 and carries passengers to and from the airport in thousands who come to visit the country. Recent regulations have limited the airport to only allow no more than 10000 passengers in Kuwait everyday with a hundred flight cap per day. One can book Air Arabia flight tickets with Almosafer and save up on their wallets.

Things to explore and experience in Kuwait 

Visiting the Grand mosque: The Grand Mosque of Kuwait the world’s eighth-largest mosque. The architecture is heavily influenced by Islamic styles; the ceiling is its main attraction. The only way to gain entry is through the free guided tours provided which are filled with interesting facts and stories about the mosque.

Kuwait towers: Iconic to the city, the Kuwait Towers are hard to miss and can be spotted from anywhere in the city, travellers can visit the towers to drink a cup of coffee or visit the observatory to have a nice view of the city. It is especially beautiful at night.

Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Kuwait With Kids

Al Klout Beach: It is a good place for a more relaxing session of your vacation. Visit the beach near Marina mall which provides one of the best views of the Persian Gulf.

Popular places in Kuwait 

Visit national parks with kids: There are several parks you can visit, however the most popular is the Al Shaheed Park which is the largest park in Urban Kuwait. Visitors can also visit the remembrance museum and the habitat museum inside the premise of the Al Shaheed Park.

Adventure activity with your kids in Kuwait: Infinite fun at ‘Infinuity’ is very popular among kids. There are several rides and games children and adults can enjoy. You can ride roller coasters with your child, do a rock-climbing course or rope course built for children to enjoy, go bowling or even experience a top-of-the-line flight simulator. Another place is Entertainment city, which is designed with several exciting activities for both kids and adults

Religious Respect in Kuwait

Though 95% of the population follows the Islamic faith, the country of Kuwait is very tolerant towards other religions and allows for other religions to practice within state territories. As such, tourists are also expected to be tolerant and respectful of each other religions during their stay in the country.

Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Kuwait With Kids

Eateries In Kuwait For Kids

Kuwait is home to several wonderful eateries, some of the best being Maki in Burj Jasim, Sumo Sashi And Bento and Al Boom Steak, and Seafood Restaurant. The last one is considered to be one of the most expensive in the city. When in the country, be sure to try the Machboos and Gers Ogaily.

Health & Safety in Kuwait 

The country of Kuwait holds some of the lowest rates of crime in the world and crimes against outsiders are even lower. Of course, tourists are advised to carry the same level of caution and awareness when traveling anywhere to avoid anything, unfortunately. In the event of an emergency health situation, you can dial 112 for emergency services. The city hospital is well equipped to handle most cases and will be able to provide you most treatment when required.

Shopping With Kids In Kuwait 

Kuwait has a large variety of souvenirs one can purchase during their stay. Children will enjoy many of the items for sale in the old Kuwaiti Souq Market, which sells a large variety of souvenirs from chocolates to spice. The old market has everything you will want. Marina world also sells special souvenirs for visitors to take back home.

Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Kuwait With Kids

Kids Friendly Hotels In Kuwait 

There are many kid-friendly hotels available in Kuwait, from the Best Western Plus Salmiya which is located in the heart of Salmiya which makes it great for an easier commute. The Movenpick Hotel in Kuwait is another good choice for people traveling with kids, being close distance to the zoo, airport, and medical complexes. It is the most ideal for families. Radisson Blu Hotel is a world-renowned chain of hotels and they also make one of the best for families travelling with kids. These hotels will give you excellent services and rooms for you to enjoy a wonderful time with your family during your stay in Kuwait. So, what are you waiting for? Go and have fun.


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