Forbidden and forgotten spots around Chennai

Forbidden and forgotten spots around Chennai

Chennai is one of the major ports and coastal cities in India. It boosts for its serene beauty, cherished beaches, and above all, intellectual crowd. Both locals and foreigners retreat themselves to these amazing beaches. However, the city has beautiful attractions. It is renowned for various forbidden places where there are testimonials of transcendent activities that have ever occurred. These places have been forbidden and forgotten as they are believed to have some supernatural incidents that make people feel scared. Visiting these places might scare you, so you should be careful. Here is the list of the most forbidden and forgotten spots around Chennai.

Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society has several buildings that were believed to have shadowy experiences and ghost sightings. There is a huge and old banyan tree featuring uncountable houses in the woods. This tree's mysterious nature makes locals scared and feels the place hence the reason it is forgotten. Nevertheless, there have been loud screaming sounds that are very scary .The locals are unable to spot the cause and why these loud sounds are heard. The residents report that this place is a dangerous place due to these ghost sightings and weird screamings that leave people feeling hearted .Therefore, travelers are encouraged to be careful as they may be attracted by these spooky places only to realize they are entering a hot soup.

Valmiki Nagar

Valmiki Nagar is a beautiful house that has been vacant for ten years. The house owners died many years ago, and yet their spirits have been strolling in the area .The slamming of doors and sobs of girls are some of the sounds that are heard during the day all through. Residents say that they could listen to screaming sounds, and any time you pass past this house, your phone loses a signal.The place is terrifying.

Anna Flyover

Anna Flyover is yet another forbidden spot in Chennai. It is also known as the most haunted place with strange noises and ghost-sightings. Observing the site when you are far, you may not believe it might have some paranormal activities, but once you get there, you will realize things are not the way you think or see. It is believed to be where many people commit suicide .the place has made both locals and visitors get scared due to unearthly activities that happen even in the daytime to late nights .why risk your life? Tourists are always advised to talk to residents who usually know the places and some of the dangerous sites that you should not visit alone, or you should not try to step to. Be careful when walking along with this strange place if you have to.

Karikattu Kuppam

Karikattu Kuppam has been having stories of spine-chilling sightings. It is where the brutal Tsunami 2004 occurred and destroyed this fishing hamlet, causing the death of many people in the city of Chennai. This calamity left more than a thousand individuals homeless. Others migrated to other parts of the town for safety purposes. They left many houses and buildings that make the place look so eerie. The residents believed that the spirit of those who died during these incidents has been hunting and hence the reason the area has been forgotten. When you visit Chennai, you will realize that many people go to this place as they fear that the site is not acceptable and might endanger their lives.

Besant Avenue Road

Besant Avenue Road looks like a quiet and beautiful road with a green rush on the sides. There is an animal shelter, temple, and school along the road, but all these have been neglected due to evil ghosts that appear even during the day. As the locals say, the spirit has an unusual and weird sense of humor. It is believed to slap pedestrians and throw people out of their vehicles. It has an odd laughing sound .The place has become one of the forbidden spots due to these paranormal incidences. Driving on this road can lead to trouble, so watch out.

Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge was built in 1967 on the Adyar River. Its purpose was to ease people's movement, mostly fishermen who moved from Santhome Beach to Elliot's Beach. The bridge collapsed in 1977. This was caused by strong tidal currents making the place perfect for taking photos. As we speak, now the bridge has been broken and deserted. The area looks ugly and weird. The bridge has been spotted for transcendental activities. Both locals and foreigners are encouraged to visit this place during the day, especially in the morning and before 5 pm, once the sun sets it becomes a forbidden spot.

Two-lane East Coast Road

This road connects Puducherry to Chennai. Although it is the best road to drive during the day, the road has become dangerous at night .there is a shape-shifting ghost that is believed to appear in the form of a cat, child, or girl that has been confusing drivers.

Blue Crossroad

This road has been forbidden as it has become a suicide spot hence has a spirit of haunting that makes people fear the place. It has a dense cover of trees on the sides of the road. .it recommended that you do not go alone here. Locals say that white sightings and human-like figures can be seen crossing the road at night. People are advised not to visit the place past 4 pm. You should also avoid driving on Blue Cross Road at night. There are screamings and white apparitions that are paranormal.

De Monte Colony

De Monte Colony is a colony located along the bustling St Mary's Road. It was built by a Portuguese businessman known as De Monte. The colony has two lanes and ten identical ones that are covered with trees on the sides. The residents say that its owners deserted this colony due to strange happenings. Mr. De Monte, who was mentally challenged, lived a miserable life due to mysterious circumstances. After some years, Mr. De Monte and his wife and son died. There have been stories that Mr. De Monte appears, the bodyguard of the colony going missing and street dogs vanishing mysteriously, All these stories make the place eerie, and hence people are scared of going there.

These are some of the forbidden and forgotten spots in Chennai. The city has a thriving mix of modern vibrancy and historical legacy .It has charming beaches, nightlife centers, beautiful parks, amazing hotels, and natural attractions .the city has something for anyone. Book flights with Cathay Pacific and head to this fantastic jewel of India.


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