Here's Why You Should Bring Your Own Pillow To The Hotel

Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Own Pillow To The Hotel

Some travel trends might seem a little strange until you take a look at what's under the surface. One such travel trend would be the concept of people traveling with their own pillows. On the surface, you would have to wonder why anyone would take up valuable space in a suitcase just to bring something as obscure as a pillow. Under closer examination, the reasons people give for doing this makes it seem like a really good idea.

Have you ever been in a hotel or resort and had a bad night's sleep because your pillow was uncomfortable? If so, you can consider the following information as an arsenal of arguments you can use to convince your family and friends you have a good reason for getting personal about your pillow.

Overcoming Cultural Sleeping Traditions

If you were to travel to other parts of the world, it wouldn't take you long to figure out other cultures view comfort issues a little differently. When it comes to sleeping, some cultures don't use pillows at all while others might use pillows that are made of materials that might be quite different to the feather or down materials used in the West.

If you are a sensitive sleeper, you might have difficulty trying to sleep on pillows produced in other parts of the world. Given the importance of you getting a good night's sleep while on vacation, taking your own pillow ensures any sleeping issues you might encounter won't involve pillows.

Dealing With Cleanliness Issues

You can never be certain that a hotel or resort's employees are going to be as concerned about cleanliness as you are. As it relates to pillows, a pillow case might be clean, but you can never be certain the pillow underneath is clean and free from smell and bacteria. The potential for this kind of issue increases if you are staying in budget hotels off the beaten path.

If you take you own pillow and pillowcase, this is one potential issue you can eliminate. It wouldn't be ridiculous for you to takes things another step and consider taking your own sheets as well.

Good Old Comfort

A lot of people are what would be considered creatures of habit. After spending months and maybe even years breaking in and getting comfortable with their own pillow, it's understandable why some people might have difficulty getting comfortable with anything less than what they sleep with at home. People who deal with pain issues can be particularly vulnerable. Remember, the least bit of discomfort can cause some people to lose sleep. If you plan on being away from home for more than a week or two, that's a long time to survive without getting rest.

The Travel Industry's Answer to a Growing Issue

The travel industry gets paid a lot of money to make sure travelers enjoy their vacations. As a whole, the industry is well aware that travelers are getting finicky about things like their bedding and pillows. For that very reason, there is a growing number of upscale hotel chains that now offer pillow menus that features pillow made with different materials in different styles. The next time you plan to travel, you might want to call ahead to see if you have pillow options or need to pack your own.


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