Benefits of Studying in Canada for American Students

Benefits of Studying in Canada for American Students

Canada is not only famous for its ice hockey, snowy mountain peaks, and the neighborhood to the United States but is also renowned for being one of the most “educated” countries in the world.

Canada is currently attracting more and more American students because of its highly renowned universities which offer a great diversity of study programs, affordable living expenses, and fairly cheap tuitions.

Young people from around the world are also choosing Canada over the United States because of its safe cities, an aspect that is hard to find in the USA, Britain, France, or any other countries in which immigrants are currently gathering.

In today’s post, I’m presenting the main benefits of Canadian education system, a system that attracts more and more foreign students not just from the US but also from the entire world.

Word-Class Colleges and Universities

Universities and colleges from Canada have a high reputation and a long history in terms of high graduate employability rate. The academic performance that students get in Canada is also hard to find in any other country in the world. In case you’re not familiar with the most renowned universities that you’ll find in Canada, here are some of the top-ranked ones:
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal

Affordable Tuition Costs

If you’re wondering why so many Americans choose Canadian universities, the tuition costs are one of the most obvious answers. The tuition costs start at around 450 CAD per year for programs in Art, Social Sciences, and Education.

The medium tuition fees range between 1,000 and 4,000 Canadian dollars per year, however, the vast majority of the tuition fees range between 5,000 and 20,000 Canadian dollars/year. A thing that is certain is the fact that Canadian academic fees don’t usually represent a burden for students.

You Can Easily Work While Studying

If you’re eager to work while studying, Canada is the perfect place to do so. This is a great advantage especially for the students who need to personally pay for their studies. In order to be able to work off-campus, students who study in Canada must respect the following rules:
  1. They must be full-time students
  2. They must have a valid study permit
  3. They must be enrolled at a post-secondary level learning or vocation institution (only in Quebec)
  4. They must study in a vocational, academic, or professional training program that provides a certificate, diploma, or degree that lasts for at least six months.

Study permit is an essential document for international students, and regulated Canadian immigration consultants can help them make the process of obtaining it quick and easy. If the students qualify, their study permits will allow them to:
  • Work a full-time job during school breaks (winter, spring, and summer holidays)
  • Work up to twenty hours each week during the regular academic sessions

As for the best part-time jobs that you can find in Canada, here are some options:
  • Provide help from same day essay writing service for students with who encounter academic difficulties
  • Work during festivals
  • Work as a camp organizer
  • Work at concerts
  • Be a bookkeeper
  • Be an office assistant

Internationally Recognized Diplomas

If you finish your studies in Canada, you will have no trouble finding a job in the international professional marketplace. Canadian graduates are recognized as some of the most skilled, reliable, and well-educated employees.

There’s a big difference in finishing your studies in Europe and finishing your studies in Canada. American students who have graduated a Canadian university will find a great advantage when they come back to their country to seek high-paid jobs.

Truly Reasonable Living Expenses

It is a well-known fact that living in Canada as a student is much more affordable than living in the US while going through your academic studies. Because Canada is a leader in the information technology and computer technology, the costs of aviation, microelectronics, advanced student tools and apps, beverage and food processing, and geometrics are more affordable than in many states from the US.

You’ll Find a Multicultural Society

Canada is a bilingual country, where English and French come as major languages. For that reason, almost all of the world’s ethnic student groups will find no trouble adapting. Every college and university provide professional international advisors that will help American students adapt to Canadian academic expectations and difficulties.

The Country is a Natural Beauty

The last solid reason why Canada is the perfect place to study is defined by the beautiful landscapes that you’ll find almost anywhere you go. Canada has over 40 national landmarks and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There’s a wide diversity of natural beauties starting with the Rocky Mountains and the beautiful coastlines that are capturing the interests of all international students.

Final Words

The presented benefits are just some of the many reasons why Canada is best for study. If you’re an American student who is not yet decided whether to choose Canada over the US, consider your long-term circumstances. Of course, for your purposes, you can also visit tutors in Sydney or wherever is convenient for you.

Think about the tuition, about the quality of life, but also about the culture and opportunities that Canada offers. The PROs and CONs of studying in Canada are definitely diverse. This is definitely a tough choice, but you are surely not going to regret it!


Susan Wallace

Susan Wallace is a passionate writer and tutor. Her passion for writing has made her choose an academic career in which she finds a lot of benefits and satisfaction. Personally, she enjoys traveling around the world while helping students improve their English writing skills.


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