3 Spots For An Aussie Shopping Spree

3 Spots For An Aussie Shopping Spree

While on your next tour of Australia, it might be hard to tear yourself away from exploring the vast wildlife safaris and stunning landscapes. But if you're looking for another adventure - such as a retail exploration - find time to hit some of the great shops in Australia. Keep in mind, Sydney is not for the faint-hearted as the city is filled with alluring shops and stunning boutiques. So, if you’re planning a trip to Australia, check out these spots for an Aussie shopping spree when you visit the Land Down Under.

Visit Sydney Markets

If going to visit The Outback or simply planning a casual tour of Sydney, then you should know where the specialty shops or supermarkets are located in these areas. If you’re in Brisbane, try shopping at Wintergarden, MacArthur Central, or the Brisbane Arcade for authentic souvenir items. During the weekend, you'll find the Rocks Market spread across enchanting cobblestoned stoned, with over a hundred stands full of local items. On weekdays, you will find the famous Paddy's Market with around 1,000 stands full of music, clothing, plants, novelty items, and classic souvenirs - all at great prices.

Find Everything At City Centre Shops

You should buy something that is truly identified with Australia and not just an item that you can always find back home. Sydney's city centre will certainly cater to meet all your shopping needs. There you will best great local items that are difficult to find elsewhere. Some of these include aboriginal artworks, Tim Tams, and boomerangs. Another top souvenir item is the famous boomerang which is traditionally used by Australian aborigines for hunting and as weapons. Buying items with aboriginal artwork is found to be one of the top five preferences of tourists traveling to Australia.

The other top preferences include buying Tim Tams and wine from Yarra Valley to bring as gifts to family and friends or simply enjoy them yourself. For authentic Tim Tams and Yarra Valley wines, you can check out Woolworths online or visit their supermarkets located all over Australia.

Indulge in Designer Boutiques

Aside from buying souvenirs for all your loved ones, why not go ahead and splurge on your favorite brands? If you’re visiting Sydney, then you might want to check out Queen Victoria Building or Pitt Street Mall for beautiful aboriginal artwork and other luxury items. From Prada to Armani or Zara to Karan Millen, you will find plenty of designer boutiques to mark the highlight of your shopping spree. Visit the Emporium or Block Arcade when you’re in Melbourne.

You can easily spice up your Australian vacation when you include souvenir shopping in your itinerary. In fact, shopping in Australia is a special tour in itself. Knowing what to buy and where to get them, or even exploring while you shop will make your trip a breeze and truly an enjoyable experience.

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