Places to Visit From Melbourne in the Winter

Places to Visit From Melbourne in the Winter

You may think of short breaks as being more appealing in the summer, but there are many places close to Melbourne that are just as interesting to visit during the winter months. It's an ideal opportunity to see the beauty of the area at a different time of year.

Take a road trip out from Melbourne and you can visit one or more different destinations. You can hire a car from a provider such as Drive Now and set off to experience many new adventures. Here are some of the top destinations that you may want to consider visiting during your trip.

Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is one of the most famous wine regions in Australia. Even during the winter months it's an excellent place to visit for anyone who is interested in wonderful wine and food experiences. Take a trip to the Yarra Valley and you can visit wineries including Billanook Estate, Paynes Rise and Yering Farm.


What better time of year is there to get a relaxing spa treatment than during the cooler winter months when your skin needs some special care and attention and your energy levels need boosting. There is no better place to get one of these treatments than Daylesford. There are many treatments available in the area, from salt baths to massages.

Mt Buller

Mt Buller is a popular winter destination for anyone who enjoys skiing. There are plenty of opportunities to take to the slopes in the town. Away from skiing, there are many excellent bars and restaurants in which to spend time relaxing and socialising.


Geelong is a town that has been home to a massive rejuvenation over recent years. It has changed from a home of traditional industries into a vibrant base for artistic creativity. This rejuvenation has led to the town becoming one of Victoria's major tourist destinations.

One of the new industries that is growing in the area, and helping to attract visitors, is brewing. The Little Creatures brewery is well worth a visit. There are also plenty of vintage shopping opportunities in Geelong, including the chance to buy items such as collectables, furniture and vintage clothing.


Warburton is an affordable destination that is only an hour's drive from Melbourne. During the winter it is home to large amounts of snow which provides a fun play opportunity for kids and adults alike. For anyone who is looking to get closer to nature there is a hike to the top of a local waterfall. There is something in Warburton to suit all members of the family.

You may never have considered taking a trip in the winter before. However, the season has a beauty all of its own. You can visit some of the local wineries, hike through stunning countryside and spend some time relaxing with a spa treatment. Whichever destination you choose, you are sure to make great memories on a winter trip in the Melbourne area.

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