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The capital of Jordan, Amman, is a populous and modern city and is a significant economic and cultural center due to its many attractions that dot the place. It is the fifth most-visited Arab city alongside Doha and that explains tourists’ interests in Amman. It has also been well served by a number of flights by PIA Airlines and other carriers from a number of domestic and international destinations.

There are a lot of monuments and places of interests like museums, palaces and mosques in Amman due to which people visit the city in huge numbers. It is a blend of modern culture with sufficient ancient ruins that can make a visit to the place quite happening. The climate of Amman is fairly semi-arid all through the year, and summers become particularly hot and breezy. However, winters and spring are fairly pleasant and is the best times to explore the city. Some of the best attractions of Amman are listed here that every tourist to this city must explore.

Temple of Hercules – For exploring the glorious past of Amman, a visit to the Temple of Hercules is a must for any tourist. It is located on the apex of the Citadel Hill and the complete skyline of Amman can be seen from here and is quite breathtaking. There is a huge hand that can seem mysterious to many tourists at the temple, but legend states that it belonged to Hercules. The statue was destroyed at some point in time, but there is no clear explanation relating to its destruction. However, visitors to the temple will be mesmerized by the sunset views that can be seen from the place in a very reinvigorating manner.

Wild Jordan Center – It is not a historical place but a cafe that is maintained by the Royal Society so that nature can be preserved sufficiently. This quiet and gorgeous location is an ideal place to visit with family and friends. You can also enjoy different lip-smacking delicacies here. Particularly, chicken with rice, Chicken Shawarma, Eggplants, and Musakhan rolls can be relished here. You can also view the city skyline in all its majesty and enjoy with loved ones.

The Jordan Museum – A guided tour of The Jordan Museum will be quite revealing for any traveler. The complete history of Jordan will unfold in front of one’s eyes and one can also know about its rich culture. It has gorgeously carved-out galleries that present a stunning picture of Jordan and the ways in which it developed through the centuries. It houses the stunning Ain Ghazal statues that are considered to be the oldest statues of humans on the entire planet! Hence, a visit to this museum would be quite nice.

King Abdullah I Mosque – The architecture of this mosque is a dazzling display of modern Islamic style. It has a spectacular blue dome that can attract any visitor towards it. The work on the mosque began in 1982 and it was completed in 1986. It has a sprawling campus that can accommodate at least 3,000 pilgrims at a time for prayers. There is also a museum within the mosque that has many pictures of his majesty, King Abdullah I, along with a striking pottery collection that can be a treat to watch for any visitor.

Umayyad Palace – The Umayyad Palace sits on the northern end of the Citadel Hill and it is 8th-century palace with a large compound. Although most of it is in ruins at present, yet its domed entrance has been restored to attract the eyes of visitors. The palace is a glaring example of lively Islamic architecture, and its walls are sprawled with Islamic Art from the Umayyad era. The Umayyad dynasty was in charge of Amman for quite a few centuries; and during those times, this magnificent palace was built by them. Impressive views of Amman can always be expected from the place, as it is situated at an elevation from where the city skyline can be clearly seen.

Roman Theater – A visit to Amman without going to the Roman Theater would be considered incomplete. The theatre is a massive structure that was strategically made on the hillside so that direct sun rays could be avoided by the viewers. It is an impressive edifice of Roman architecture, as it can easily accommodate nearly 6,000 people at a time! The structure was supposedly built during the 2nd-century during the reign of Antoninus Pius. It is a gorgeous structure that must be seen during a city tour, as an experience of going to a theatre can get a makeover after visiting the Roman Theater.

The Duke’s Diwan – The house was built by Abdul Rahman Madi, and it has also served as the Central Post Office for a few years. Later, it was renovated and made into a hotel for about five years. As of now, it is a heritage site where artists and writers meet for different types of programs like lectures, book signing events, etc. The old walls of the house can take a person back in time and anyone can get a nostalgic feeling upon visiting this lovely home. That is why it has been restored as per its original look.

Rainbow Street – For all party hoppers and adrenaline junkies, Rainbow Street is the place to be in at Amman. It is a hip and happening place of the capital where lively cafes, flea markets, graffiti-covered walls, and nightclubs are there. It is an exciting place for young travelers where they can just let it loose and soak in the fun at Rainbow Street. Especially after sunset, the mood of the place becomes electric with many types of exciting features being available at different corners.

Amman is a comparatively new city compared to some other middle-eastern cities, but it has a lot to offer for tourists of different interests. For bookings, you can rely on Cleartrip.com or Cleartrip.ae.

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