What an Adventurer's Bedroom Looks Like

What an Adventurers Bedroom Looks Like

It's estimated that we spend a third of our lifetime sleeping. Shocking, right? It's therefore important that the room where all this is done be optimized to ensure that it's comfy, well organized, and clean. Despite your unconsciousness for most of the time, having a well-organized room will help in promoting and in increasing your quantity and quality of sleep. As we may be aware, the average person should sleep for at least 8 hours a day. It’s the only way to ensure that you feel and perform your best the next day and it is also important to your health.

However, how your bedroom looks like also plays a big part in determining your sleep quality as well as your comfort. From the kind of bedding you sleep on to lighting, drapes, curtains, and the colors on the walls, your bedroom design is of great importance. This is why most people go online to look for cool bedroom ideas and inspirations that will help them improve their bedroom designs and improve the overall experience. And speaking of design, there are many options to go for. There are certain features that you can add or subtract from your bedroom to give it the feel and touch of a celebrity’s, diva’s, an introvert’s, or even an adventurer’s bedroom, just to mention the least. If the latter is what you’re interested in, you’re at the right page.

Here are some pointers to take you through what an adventurer’s bedroom looks like.

A Safari Themed Bedroom

Now, if you are looking to add a bit of jungle whether in your lady-pad, man cave or in your kid's bedroom, then you are in for a treat. A safari theme will work well in creating a delightful illusion, but it's important to consolidate all your tastes and creative ideas. To save you the trouble, here are some decorating ideas.

● Wall Dรฉcor

To give the room a jungle feel, you may not necessarily need to give the whole room a total remodel. All you need are some accessories. Depending on what aspects of the jungle you like, work towards that. For instance, African wall hangings, paintings, and masks are great ideas for adding a bit of impression in your bedroom. However, as for the paintings, you need to ensure that the color and patterns match with that of the interior dรฉcor. If you find that you are totally committed to the idea, then adding wallpapers and wall murals accentuated with jungle motifs may also work well. There are so many options of stick-and-peel wallpapers to choose from, ranging from cascading waterfall prints, lush greenery, and valleys filled with wild animals. It will all depend on your preference.

What an Adventurers Bedroom Looks Like

● House Plants

Now, when remodeling your kid’s room, it will all depend on their age before you decide on accessorizing the room with plants. For an adult bedroom, plants are fine. You have the option of either real or synthetic plants. Natural plants are best if you want to give the room a more natural feel and if you are able to maintain them. As for the synthetic plants, they are easy to maintain and very versatile. As for the natural plants, you want to make sure that you can maintain them by learning how to keep them healthy and ensuring that you provide them with proper lighting. With the proper environment and care, finding the right plants will give your room the jungle feel it deserves.

● Accents

You want the bedroom to have convincing accents for the perfect adventurous finish. These may be in the form of standees such as animals and rocks. Bedside bamboo lampshades are great accents for a bedroom. Accents are great conversation starters and will make the room interesting for any companion.

Beach/Sea Life Themed Ideas

For your love of marine life and all that pertains the sea, your bedroom should complement your passion. Beach bedroom designs are significantly affordable because you really don’t need expensive furniture and accents. All you need are some cool ideas on basic accessories. In addition to this, these are ideas that will give your bedroom a soothing effect and simplicity. For instance, you can boost the room texture by throwing in a Moroccan wedding blanket over the end of the bed. For this kind of theme, the texture is everything. Adding a bamboo matting on the ceiling will add uniqueness and a calming effect to the room atmosphere. You may add some sea life accessories such as shells, sea glasses, and vintage sea artworks.

Patterned Paradise Theme

This theme involves the use of bold patterns. It may seem a bit clichรฉ but it works. With a small scale wallpaper pattern, you can be able to give your bedroom a touch of class and elegance. You, however, want to ensure that the patterns are of aqua and beachy feel. The beddings and the curtains should, however, be of neutral color shade in order to give the room that paradise touch.

Desert Themed Bedroom

You really don’t have to throw in tonnes of money into the project unless you have to. For this idea, you want to create an illusion the desert by painting the walls with a muted sand color. Afterward, you may need to add high saturation, color photographs of the desert. If not, wall murals may do the trick. As for the dรฉcor, invest in minimalist furniture and decoration to allow the images to stand out. Here, the texture also plays an important role. Go for soft carpets that help mimic the feel of walking on sand.

Rustic Bedroom

If you are the type of person who has a passion for vintage and classic arts, then you'll love a rustic theme. Now, give the nature and function of the bedroom, rustic interiors are the options for both comfort and coziness. In addition to this, it's easier to see why rustic bedrooms are incredibly inviting and warm. Accentuate your bedroom with time-worn trappings and lots of wood. Incorporating natural textiles with the dรฉcor will help to give the room ambiance and detail. Naturally, because they’ll match with the wood. Invest in rugs and long drapes to add character to the room. Adding a fireplace to the bedroom will add an important element to as it will automatically be the focal point for the dรฉcor. Other accents for a rustic bedroom include chunky furniture and chandeliers.

Why Would You Want To Give Your Bedroom A Facelift?

It's Your Relaxing Spot

Life has become very demanding. It has become essential for most of us to work extra hard for our living. It may even mean juggling between jobs. With this kind of a busy schedule, you want to ensure that you have a balance in between. Without this, both brain and body will be exhausted. It's imperative to, therefore, have a tranquil spot, most especially in your house to help in decreasing your stress levels and where you can escape from the world, even if for a short time.

It’s Your Own Space

Having your own personalized space can make a huge difference in both the way you feel and think. We all need a space of our own, a place to help us in creating and developing ideas and solution to most of life's problems. Having a customized bedroom will help you in achieving this and more and in addition to this, it will be a positive inspiration and influence to both your home and work life.

Here are Bedroom Elements That May Need To Be Enhanced

Even for the most outgoing individuals, no matter how social they may be, they need a place where they can be by themselves. A haven of tranquility, this is what the bedroom ought to feel. With that in mind, there are certain aspects that may need enhancing in creating that optimal environment custom made to your needs.

In most homes, priority is usually given to the public spaces and the more private ones getting a cold shoulder. Now, for you to create an adventurers bedroom, the following are key elements that you may need to work on.


Even when all the other elements are out of tune, the mattress remains as the single most important element your bedroom must have. This is the one thing that makes a difference in the quality of sleep you have. When looking for the best, you have endless options. This, therefore, means that you need to do a lot of research and take as much time because it’s a decision you are mostly going to live with for a long time.


Once you've decided on the mattress, the next item on your list is the framing/ headboard. To update your headboard, invest in an upholstered one. It provides a cozy shelter and a perfect choice for those who like going to bed with a book.


We are now down to the third and most important element in the bedroom, beddings. This involves all the bedroom linens and pillows. It’s imperative to choose sheets that are soft to the skin and blankets that are warm and cozy. When it comes to the pillow options, we may differ on that all depending on preferences. Beddings, as much they are supposed to provide you with warmth and comfort, they should also set the design tone of your bedroom.


For a room that aims at providing you with comfort and a relaxing atmosphere, soft lighting is essential. Opt for natural lighting. In an adventurer bedroom, you want the lighting to match with that of the color palette, the beddings, and the window treatments. The reading lights should be made on certain overhead fixtures and placed on rustic wooden tables to provide the brightness required. Additionally, install wider shades to ensure that the adequate light falls where it's needed.

What an Adventurers Bedroom Looks Like


This is ideally the surface for your handy gadgets and the lamps. In selecting the right pieces to match with the interior dรฉcor, you may either opt for a streamlined or those with storage space. This will provide you with enough room for your reading materials, bedside clocks, and a glass of water.

Window Treatments

For bedroom window treatments, you have two options. The first consists of dark material and the other of light material that allow a bit of moonlight. Nevertheless, you also want to invest in trendy ideas that are easy to maintain and friendly to your wallet. But keep in mind patterns and texture to ensure that they match with the other elements in the room. A single window treatment may not be enough to keep the light out. You may in addition to this, add a bit of volume and sheer to the blackout drapes. These provide you with the privacy needed for the bedroom. To give your bedroom that island paradise feel, opt for gauzy curtains that allow a bit of breeze and sunlight. At night, the transparent material will allow natural lighting and thus splashing your bedroom with warm glimmer. Here are some cool adventurous accessories for your bedroom curtains.

  • Tieback hooks
  • Metallic cords

If you opt for the blackout curtains, you'll still want to ensure that they look good, and, that they match with the adventure theme in the room. Lucky for you, there are so many options and they are also available in a wide range of colors, prints, and fabrics. Below are some few aspects that you may need to consider.


Blackout curtains are essential in helping to reduce your room’s energy costs. This is because they cut the amount of light and UV rays that enter the room. This also helps to protect floors and furniture from fading.


You want to ensure that the blackout curtains of your choice are easy to install and take down. Basically, blackout curtains are installed in the same way as standard drapes and curtains.

What an Adventurers Bedroom Looks Like

Area Rugs

Nothing ruins a good morning like stepping out of bed onto a hard cold floor. It's important that your feet feel comfy, especially on hardwood floors. This is done by providing a layering rug over the carpeting. Opt for an extra textured rug and those with patterns to enhance the room’s design.

We all want to live in a house that feels homey. Any serious person will therefore not leave the bedroom unattended. Bedrooms can be decorated in so many colors, patterns, and themes all depending on an individual's preference. Now, to a child, decorating their bedroom is very important as it marks their early days of development. We may as adults shy away from it, but it’s a powerful unifying factor that we all have to embrace. One thing to note, however, one has to be very conscious in color selection, accessory placement, and matching the patterns.

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