Relive Your Travels with Evocative Keepsakes

Relive Your Travels with Evocative Keepsakes

Travel memories have a positive effect on our emotions, and the majority of travelers would love to be able to relive special moments experienced on a trip. To help recall these memories, tourists like to bring a part of a trip home with them. Whether that’s an addition to a collection of souvenirs or a camera full of breathtaking photos, by organizing and putting them on display, they can be shared with friends and used to trigger those special travel memories.

Capturing Reminders

With smartphones and digital cameras, it’s very easy to come back from your travels with hundreds of photographs. They will need to be organised, collated and shared, otherwise there’s a risk that they won’t be looked at and enjoyed in the future. With so many photos, you are likely to have several favorites but choosing the best to display needn’t be difficult. By creating a picture collage of your favorite photos, you can pick a variety of landscapes, buildings and people to frame together, giving a more complete view of your trip. This is particularly true if you add ticket stubs and postcards to tell more of a story, and create the feel of a travel scrapbook.

Collecting Keepsakes

Many travelers have a passion for collecting souvenirs, either to remind them of their time away or to share with friends and family. After a couple of trips, you may find yourself coming home with similar souvenirs from each destination, perhaps a shot glass from your favorite bar or a program for a music festival. If you can identify a theme for a collection, you can start to pick up additions every time you go away. Choose small and easily transported items that can then be displayed on a shelf or framed in a cabinet once you’re home. Even just a couple of leftover coins from each trip are a good way to easily identify each country, and serve as record of all the places you’ve visited.

Evoking Memories

Music is incredibly evocative, and because we associate songs with our emotions, it has the power to transport us back to other times and places in our lives. In addition to keeping visual mementos and physical souvenirs of your travels, put together a collection of songs and music that were playing during each trip. From a tune playing in the taxi from the airport, to a local folk song you heard in a bar, making a holiday playlist is a great way to store memories and stir up emotions whenever you hear it again.

You put time and effort into your travels, choosing the perfect destinations and going out of your way to explore their hidden gems, and you want don’t want to lose the precious memories you make while you are away. Pictures, music and keepsakes can all become powerful reminders of your vacations, triggering happy memories and maybe even inspiring you to plan your next trip away.

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