4 Common Yet Effective Purposes of Diamond Rings

4 Common Yet Effective Purposes of Diamond Rings
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As soon as one mentions a “diamond ring”, we automatically think of engagements and weddings. Diamond rings have been used as a means of portraying devotion since the 1400s, with the diamond especially in mind as it is one of the strongest elements. The strength of the element represented the undying love and unbreakable bond between two people. Though people nowadays still view diamonds as showcasing an “unbreakable bond”, new and developed purposes have been generated. While it does symbolize love in all kinds and forms, it also stands for a symbol of forever. Below are some common yet effective purposes of diamond rings.

1. Engagement ring

Of course, an engagement ring. What better way to profess love than by granting a loved one a gemstone that is practically unbreakable? The symbolism alone held within a relatively small piece of jewelry is romantic enough. If you turn to the professionals who are known for how they make a diamond engagement ring, you’re bound to find a unique design just for you. One common theme is to engrave thumbprints, or heartbeats either on the outside or the inside of the ring.

2. Purity ring

Unbreakable bond does not necessarily have to be between romantic partners. Some women wear diamond rings, less than average in size for modesty, to show the unbreakable bond they may have with God. The promise, in this case, is vowing to always be pure of all sin at the best of their abilities.

4 Common Yet Effective Purposes of Diamond Rings
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3. Promise ring (to a friend, to oneself)

Even though the term “promise ring” is commonly interchanged with an engagement ring, promise rings do not have to be given to a romantic partner. Promise rings can be given to friends, and even to family, promising to always cherish them for example. Promise rings can also be given to oneself, as any sort of a promise. Promise to love oneself, promise to accept strengths and weaknesses, promise to always work on oneself, or a plethora of other promises.

4. Fashion

Like any ring, a diamond ring can also be treated as a fashion element. Diamond rings are usually gorgeous, especially if you make your own diamond ring. So, they can be worn as an added piece to your already fabulous look. Some experts though suggest that the karat should not be high in number so as to not be considered as “tacky”. Also, it is important in this point and points number two and three, to not wear the diamond ring on the second finger from the right on your left hand as that is where engagement rings are most commonly placed.

Final word—

Not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, they are also multipurpose! Although diamonds are strong gemstones, they are not mutually exclusive with being fashionable, or as a promise ring. Making your personalized diamond ring can be very personal to you or to the person you are giving to. Changing the color or shape, engravement or diamond sizes makes it versatile and easy to adapt depending on the person. Diamond rings can be quite expensive, though, if you do not go overboard, then the meaning and use greatly outweighs the cost.

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