Your Out-of-the-Ordinary Holiday Experience With BBQ, Spirits, and Gaming

Your Out-of-the-Ordinary Holiday Experience With BBQ, Spirits, and Gaming

Who wouldn’t want to have a great barbecue? You get to spend time with family and friends while on the side, you get to have a whiff of whatever is cooking on the grill. But let’s face it though, not everyone is good at barbecuing. Not everyone is good at hosting them either. Once you’re armed with the right kind of skills, however, having a great time in a barbecue will be second nature to you. So, get ready to get your grill on and enjoy your holiday experience with barbecue, spirits, and games.

1. Pick a good space

Making sure that you have ample space and a good environment is key to having a great barbecue. The place doesn’t have to be large, but it must be comfortable enough to accommodate you, your family and your guests to both mingle and play. Generally, people at barbecues don’t eat at the same time… so you can get away with fewer seats than necessary if you don’t have enough space. Decks and patios make for a great location for a party, but if you’re feeling ambitious, you can hold a barbecue party on a campground, a park or even at the lakeside.

2. Get the drinks flowing

A good barbecue is nothing without some good beer or spirits. Get a good variety of brands for your guests to enjoy, and make sure you accommodate your non-alcohol-drinking friends and family too. If you’re talking about variety, then you may have heard that CW Spirits can accommodate your needs nicely. It’s also a good idea to secure a dispenser for your drinks so not only will you be able to serve a larger number of guests, but you can also spare the environment of the bottles and cans you’ll inevitably end up with afterward.

3. The food you serve

Sticking to staples like hotdogs, hamburgers, and skewers should work well for your main dish. Having chips for your appetizers should work great, as well as a veggie platter with some good variety. If you’re expecting some vegan or vegetarian guests, there are alternatives available for them. Just make sure that when you start grilling, you separate the vegan from the non-vegan food choices.

4. Consider your entertainment

What’s the point of a barbecue if you don’t have anything fun to do? Keeping your guests entertained and engaged is a must for any good barbecue party. Start by playing some music in the background to set the entire mood. Picking out games for everyone is also a good thing to consider, with kickball or volleyball some good options if you have enough space. Of course, you can always opt for board games as well if your space isn’t that big.

5. The dΓ©cor

Sometimes, having the right mood at a barbecue party is more than enough to make it an epic one. Simply putting out a few good tablecloths and taking out some festive platters and utensils should be more than enough. If you’re doing your party late in the afternoon and into the early evening, you should also consider putting up decent lighting to set the ambiance nicely.

Your Out-of-the-Ordinary Holiday Experience With BBQ, Spirits, and Gaming

While cooking on the grill does take a whole lot of skill, that’s not the only thing you need to master in order to have an out-of-this-world experience with barbecue. What’s the most important thing you need to remember though, is to have fun. If you never had fun planning the party, then it’s very likely that your guests would have fun, either.

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