How to Ensure you are Covered when Signing up for Activities Whilst Travelling

How to Ensure you are Covered when Signing up for Activities Whilst Travelling
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Travelling around the world offers excitement, adventure, and unforgettable experiences including the opportunity to meet new people, visit new places and take in different cultures while we expand our own horizons. But to enjoy any of it, we need to know we’re as safe as we possibly can be; that we’ve taken the necessary precautions; we’ve researched and prepared as best we can in advance, and, importantly, we have travel insurance that covers us for activities we sign up for when abroad.

Being covered gives you peace of mind when travelling, making your international adventure more safe and secure. Common sense is your biggest weapon to staying safe abroad but there’s always the chance of the unexpected happening. Travel insurance, which is recommended by all major travel agents and features in bookmundi.com’s top travel tips for 2019 – will help make your trip more memorable by taking some of the worry out of the unexpected.

You’ll be covered if you suffer injury and for any trips to the hospital, while a holistic policy can protect you from theft or loss of personal belongings. Typically, your cover will also include cancellation and delay problems (due to, for instance, missed departures), personal liability (if you cause damage to possessions or injure someone), and emergency assistance (such as repatriation).

As an insurance policy is not a single one-for-all product, you’ll need to consider your travel plans such as the countries you’ll be visiting and the risks you might face. For example, consider supplemental health insurance to cover any special personal medical needs and evacuation insurance, which protects you against political emergencies overseas requiring a quick return home.

It’s also important to know what’s not covered in your policy. In your plan documents, find a section titled “General Exclusions”, which may list such things as extreme, high-risk sports like sky diving and bungee jumping. You won’t be covered if problems arise due to alcohol or drug abuse either.

Having personal travel insurance offers a certain degree of protection but is only one of the important ways to stay safe when travelling abroad. CNBC.com offers 7 tips for staying safe and their advice takes into consideration everything from how to keep your money, important documents and valuables secure to tips on social media use.

But what should you consider when booking a leisure excursion or activity in a foreign country? Seek advice from staff at your accommodation and do your research to find out about reputable providers. Searching online will reveal the past experiences of previous customers; if you can’t find a review history, check with local travel agents, the staff at the place where you’re staying, or fellow travellers.

And don’t be afraid to ask questions when you arrive at the activity. You can quite politely ask those running the excursion about their experience, for example. Look around as well: if safety equipment is necessary, is it provided, does it appear well maintained?

And you’re well within your rights to ask if the business has relevant insurances. While your own travel insurance will offer certain protections, a reputable business will have their own insurance to protect themselves in the case of, for example, you getting injured as a result of the activity. General liability insurance at next-insurance.com, for example, gives businesses the protections customers desire and details why it’s important for companies to use. Checking your activity provider has such protection will offer another important clue as to the standard of service on offer and whether or not it’s right for you.

Don’t jeopardize the fun and excitement of your adventure abroad. A well-prepared traveller is a safer traveller. Arranged activities are a perfect way to explore your new surroundings, immerse yourself in different cultures, and enjoy unforgettable experiences. By being protected by insurance, you will have peace of mind, allowing you to pursue your escapades without undue worry hanging over you.

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