Four Great Places to Go This Winter in Australia

Cheap and Free Things To Do in Sydney Australia

Australia would be a great place to escape to this winter. When we say winter, we mean the frigid season the northern hemisphere experiences in the months of December through February, even into March. For Australia, this band of months is known as summer. Why not go to the Land Down Under for second summer (if Hobbits can have second breakfasts, why can’t we have second summer)?

The Aussies have developed a wonderfully laid back culture that only escalates during sporting events - they take their cricket and football (Australian Rules version) seriously! This relaxed way of life will make you forget all of your problems and cause you to want to stay longer than the summer. You may decide to move there, away from the hecticness of life.

Whether you stay on a walkabout and decide if Australia is a good fit for you, or you are visiting for a week or two (or more), you should document your travels through the country. Share your adventures with friends and families, and other people wanting to escape the icy touch of Snow Miser, in your own blog.

Take lots of pictures and share them on your blog as well. If your blog requires an image you did not capture, make use of some free nature photos. People will want to read about how much fun you are having, and how much fun they could be having, in Heat Miser’s territory.

Be careful. When we say Heat Miser’s territory, we mean there is some heat in Australia!


No visit to the Land Down Under is complete without a trip to the world famous Sydney, Australia. Its opera house is recognized by all and enjoyed by millions of people throughout the year attending one of the hundreds of performances held there. Gaze upon the Sydney Opera House from the city streets, from one of the ferries in the harbor, or from the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The Skywalk encircling Sydney Tower allows you a full 360° view of the city, mesmerizing when viewed from the top of the 1014 ft tall building. The Rocks Marketplace gives you a fascinating shopping experience. Only held on the weekends, you can purchase all manner of items in this open-air market.

While the city is known for its cultural experiences - diversity in art, music, and cuisine - the city has some great nature-enjoying activities as well. The beaches of the harbor are perfect for swimming and surfing, a great way to cool down from all of the winter heat.

The Blue Mountains are a short distance from the city. They are a wonderful place to mountain cycle along the trails or hike along to view the wonders of the natural greenery and wildlife. Sydney is also a spring board for further adventure along the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef

What can be said about the reef that has not already been said? It is a miraculous sight to see from the glass bottom of a boat. You can view several hundred species of fish in a small area of the reef, along with rays, dolphins, crustaceans, and whales. Better than viewing them, you can actually swim with these creatures in the clear blue waters surrounding the reef.

Snorkel or dive amongst the coral and its inhabitants. Witness the passing of a pod of whales as only a handful of people ever get to. Brush the underside of a ray as it glides overhead (watch out for its barbed tail, that is how we lost Steve Irwin). Take some pictures for your blog if you have a good underwater camera. Enjoy the serenity of the ocean and the life around you.


Perth is the capital of Western Australia, a state that takes up approximately a third of the entire country. It is isolated on the southwestern coast of the country. But don’t let its location fool you. As the fourth largest city in Australia in terms of population, it has all of the amenities and attractions you would expect from its cousin cities on the eastern seaboard.

There is a cultural district devoted to the arts. More than simply paintings and sculptures, this area is also home to ballet, opera, and theater performances. Other sites include Kings Park and Botanical Garden is a great place to stroll and admire the cityscape, Adventure World - the Aussie version of a theme park (and an amazing one at that!) - and the Gravity Discovery Center where kids and adults will learn all about matters of science.

On the outskirts of the city, you can explore Crystal Cave and the surrounding Yanchep National Park. Here you will see koalas in their native habitats, along with kangaroos. You will get to experience the Aboriginal culture by interacting with the original human inhabitants of the area.


In the interior of the country lies the Outback. In the heart of the Outback lies its Red Centre. From the middle of the Red Centre rises Australia’s most famous natural landmark. The sandstone monolith of Uluru rises a thousand feet into the air. This easily-recognized feature has the shared name of “Uluru / Ayers Rock” in acknowledgement of both the English name for the structure and the Aboriginal word for it.

Across its surface, visitors will find extensive examples of Aboriginal cave art. This area is a great natural area to explore on foot. It can take hours to hike around the circumference of the rock. If you are lucky enough to reach Uluru after a rain shower, then you will get to witness a truly amazing sight. Dozens of waterfalls pour down over the smooth surface of the sandstone, sparkling in the light of the sun. This is rare because of the desert-like conditions in the Red Centre so if you happen to catch it, know that you are one of the few in any lifetime to do so.

Along with the abundance of wildlife in the area, there is also another feature in the Outback that is similar to Uluru. Kata Tjuta is less than 25 miles from the solitary structure and is an area consisting of 36 additional sandstone features, mostly domes. It is believed that they are connected underground and are actually the same slab of stone pushed up in different points.

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