Making the most out of your first visit to Pecs, Hungary

Things to do Hungary Travel Guide 2019

If your trip to Pecs is approaching, and there’s not that much time left until your departure, starting to plan out the details of your Hungary travel adventure is a must. Because you might not have heard that many things about this location until recently, considering is not one of the most popular destinations among tourists, getting a few insights on the topic first is necessary, to make sure you actually enjoy every minute spent there. In order to make the most out of your first Pecs visit, you will need to leave with some guidelines in mind, and the following information will help you acquire the most relevant tips on the subject. Here’s what you need to know:

Things to do Hungary Travel Guide 2019

Create an itinerary - a do & see list

While it’s perfectly fine to just wander around for a day or two, and this should be part of any enjoyable travel experience, you still need to come prepared with a bit of info, and have an itinerary at your disposal, in order to not miss out on any important attraction and entertaining activity. Having a list of top places to visit and things to do will help you partake in a holiday that is full of memorable moments. Once you start researching, you will discover that Pecs has quite a wide range of interesting places worth exploring, so if you were worried you will get bored there, you won’t longer be. Among the wide range of monuments, museums, parks, and other local attractions, the places that are considered most popular remain the following:
  • The Pecs Cathedral - an imposing construction with impressive architecture that will wow you from both the outside and the inside.
  • Sopianae Early Christian Mausoleum - included in the UNESCO world heritage list, this is a building you shouldn’t miss out on, having in store some breathtaking murals.
  • Mosque of Pasha Qasim - a construction filled with rich history that catches tourists’ eye as soon as they take a look at its authentic features.
  • Zsolnay Fountain

Skip the hotel room and rent an apartment instead

Just like any other city in Europe, Pecs doesn’t come with cheap hotel prices, and because you probably don’t want to spend all your travel budget on accommodation, you should consider finding another alternative. What you should know about this city in particular is that the apartments and flats for rent come at quite appealing and affordable costs, so perhaps think about opting for a rental instead. Nowadays, booking accommodation for tour travels has become easier than ever with so many informative sites on the web. Do your homework and see what rentals you are able to come across in the specific area where you would like to be accommodated ruing your stay. You can click here to discover some of the most appealing deals in the area. Don’t waste money on hotel rooms and spend it in other ways that will make your trip more memorable. Rentals should be your go-to option when it comes to Hungary vacations, considering how low the prices for alternative accommodation options actually are in this country. Moreover, renting an apartment will also be more convenient, coming with extra space and amnesties, which you might find useful if you plan on staying in Pecs for more than just a few days.

Dining - authentic cuisine

The cuisine you will experience in Pecs could meet your food-lover preferences, but you can also stumble upon some less appealing places to eat, that’s why, it’s recommended to go on tripadvisor or any other food forum before walking inside a restaurant you might pass by. The local cuisine is enjoyed by the majority of tourists, you just need to get a few pointers first.  The Tuke Wine House  and Bloff Bisztro, for example, have some delicious meals on the menu, which are also moderately priced.


When it comes to fun, music and dancing, Pecs won’t disappoint you. There is a vast array of pubs, bars and clubs that will give you the opportunity to have a bit of fun at night, after a long day of sightseeing and visiting. If you are the type of tourists who enjoys a bit of night fun, you’ll find plenty of options there. Csinos PresszΓ³, PΓ©csi KΓ‘vΓ©, Egylet Craft Beer Pub are just three examples you can go for.

Things to do Hungary Travel Guide 2019

Getting around

While you will have access to affordable public transportation, if you don’t want to waste any time waiting for buses, and traveling by taxi isn’t exactly an appealing option as well, you should consider renting a vehicle for your stay. Having a car at your disposal will give you the opportunity to do more sightseeing in a shorter amount of time, and easily go from one local attraction to another, without dealing with any inconveniences. Once you do the math, you will see that the amount you would normally have to spend on public means of transportation or taxi fares isn’t that much lower than you would pay for a car rental, so there’s no reason not to choose this alternative. However, make sure you research rental companies in advance, so that you can find a convenient, reliable offer. With your own rental car and a GPS app on your phone, you won’t have any troubles reaching every single location on your top places to see list, and you will be fitting in a short trip, quite a lot of entertaining and memorable experiences.

While Pecs might not be your first choice, when you are trying to choose your next travel destination, if for one reason or another, you have decided to explore this city in the near future, you should handle every detail necessary to make sure you are truly getting the most out of this trip. Pecs has to offer quite a few things to tourists, and as long as you arrive there with some clear travel tips in mind, your stay could end up being more enjoyable than expected. Keep in mind these fe guidelines.

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