The Ultimate Travel Packing List

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Are you going abroad on a trip? How frequently do you travel? Not that any of that matters, but you have to pack all the items you will need on your journey, hence the ultimate travel packing list.

If you are not sure what to do, then this should serve as a guide to coming up with a very comprehensive packing list. Follow it and you will know exactly what to pack and ensure you don’t leave out any of the items you might need on your journey.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Step 1. Choosing a Befitting Travel Bag

No matter your travel destination, you need a lightweight, versatile, and sizeable bag that can carry all the things you need. The best travel bags come with a warranty to assure you of protection against a broken handle, wheel or zipper. You may buy any of the following types of bags:

• Rolling bags which are very useful for individuals traveling to cities with smooth roads and walkways.
• 4-wheel bags especially if you are carrying a lot of things and cannot bear the weight on your own.
• Duffel bags which can be carried over the shoulders or dragged on wheels.
• Wheeled backpack which is suitable for those passing through varied terrains which means carrying or rolling it.
• Travel backpack which allows for easy hands-free mobility and greater versatility.
• Carry-on bags which will save you time at the airports, ensure the security of your luggage, and help you avoid paying check-in fees.

Step 2. Putting Your Stuff in Order

At the time of packing your stuff, you need to keep it organized. Although that is not easy, it will help you trace individual items when you finally reach your destination.

Use packing organizers to help you separate different classes of items. At the hotel, you can slide the organizers directly into the drawers in your room. Apart from different pieces of clothing, you will also need to pack sunglasses, hats, jewelry, travel speakers, mobile phone and charger, and ear plugs.

Step 3. The Toiletry Bag

Do you have a carry-on bag? Keep it light. The following are some of the essential items you will have to include in your luggage:

• Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss
• Hair comb or brush, hair ties, bobby pins or barrettes
• Deodorant
• Shampoo and hair conditioner
• Face lotion and sunscreen with SPF
• Make-up inside an easy-to-wipe wristlet
• Face wash and make-up remover wipes
• Night-time lotion/moisturizer
• Lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss
• Personal hygiene stuff
• Feminine hygiene items
• Glasses
• Prescription medication with the script/label for easy refill
• Perfume/cologne
• Personal small mirror
• Hair gel, hairspray, and beard oil
• Clothesline
• Detergent
• Shaving kit and additional razors
• Stain remover and sewing kit
• Travel towel
• Scissors, tweezers, and nail clippers

Travel Health Packing List

If you are traveling outside the country, you need to know about the different vaccines and medication you are supposed to take. You can get information about that on the website belonging to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. You will also get a lot of travel advice and information. You may choose to get vaccinated or not. Find out which vaccines need to be administered 2 or more months before travel. You will need to pack the following items:

• First aid kit with adhesives, gauze, bandages and so on.
• Personal prescriptions with copies of the scripts.
• Pain and fever medication.
• Thermometer
• Cold medications and throat lozenges
• Laxative and diarrhea medicines.
• Allergy medicines.
• Hydrocortisone cream or antibacterial ointment
• Multivitamins
• Sunburn relief
Outdoors mosquito repellent bracelets
• Mosquito net and insect sting reliever
• Motion sickness bands or pills
• Eye drops
• Moleskin
• Vaccinations and medicines tailored for the activity or region.
• Altitude sickness medicine
• Wet wipes or hand sanitizer
• Sleeping medicines
• Wet wipes or hand sanitizers
• Sleeping medicines
• Glasses in their case

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Step 4. Preparing a Carryon Bag with Personal Items

In most cases, your personal items are best packed in a carry-on bag. That includes all the things you will require on the flight. Apart from the other items, have one or two outfits and a couple of toiletries. You can pack your everyday comforts in a backpack for ease of access. The following are some of the things you will pack:

• Mobile devices and chargers
• Laptop, E-reader or iPad and chargers
• Headphones
• Camera, memory card, and charger
• Electrical adaptors
• Books and magazines
• Travel journal and pens
• Water bottle
• Travel guides, maps, guidebooks, and language guides
• Travel games and deck of cards

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Step 5. Collecting Key Travel Documents

Collect each and every document you will need for your travel and put them in an organizer. That will make it easy for you to travel along your entire journey. The following are some of the things you will need to pack:

• Passports/visas
• Frequent flier card(s)
• Debit and credit card(s)
• Health insurance documents/cards
• Information on travel insurance
• Itineraries and reservations
• Information on the hotel and tour agencies
• Transport tickets for the plane, bus, train, car, and so on
• Important addresses and emergency contacts
• Copies of all the documents and information
• Maps and guide books

Once you have packed all that you will need for the journey, what remains is to leave your home and head out on vacation. Safe journey!


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