Take the hassle out of the planning: The beginners guide to a road trip

Bundle your friends and family into the car and get ready for a big adventure. Travelling by car is one of the best ways to explore a new destination. This is because it gives you the freedom to visit wherever you want, when you like. Here are some tips on making your first road trip.  

Decide on a destination

As the driver, it falls to you to lead the way and decide what places you’ll like to visit on your epic road trip. Deciding on a destination, whether that be touring the natural setting of Germany or the historic cities in France, is exciting as there’s so many great places to visit.

Start with the country and then hone in on the specific monuments you’ve dreamed of seeing. Map out the places of interest and see how far away they are from each other. You may not be able to see them all, but by mapping it out, you can begin to research the surrounding areas to see if there’s anything else that sparks your interest.

Research, research and more research

Now you have your destination and points of interest marked down, it’s all about researching and planning. You’ll need to be realistic when planning your route. No one will want to drive for 12 hours a day, but more so, driving without breaks isn’t safe. When you’re creating your route, make sure you’re scheduling your time, factoring in regular breaks and places to refuel. There are apps that can help with route planning by marking out stops to see along the way. For your first road trip, plan a route that’ll see you drive every couple of hours before stopping off. This will keep you refreshed and safe on the roads.

Who and what to bring with you

Car journeys are the most fun when it’s with company and that’s without an exciting destination to explore. Make sure you bring people who are interested in similar things to you and who are up for an adventure. It can also be useful to have someone to share the driving with, but, make sure they’re named on your insurance before you commit to this. Let's face it, long journeys can be dull, so make sure you’ve created some awesome playlists to entertain you along the way. You could also bring equipment to watch movies on for the passengers.

Get road ready

After extensive planning and booking accommodation in advance, get your vehicle road ready. Do the paperwork, such as checking your MOT and insurance policy are valid for the duration of your holiday and make sure you have significant European breakdown cover. You should also apply for an International Driving Permit. This will let you drive around Europe and is a legal requirement in some countries. You should also ensure your tires, brakes and engine are looking and running well. Do remember to check your oil and refill your windshield wiper fluid and bring spares just in case.

Get packing

From bringing a breathalyser to France, to having a first aid kit in Germany; some countries will require you to bring compulsory, essential items. Typically, these are items that are useful if you were to break down, such as a warning triangle, reflective jacket and a small fire extinguisher. But, if you’re taking your car from the UK, you will need to have a GB sticker visible in your rear window. To find out what you may need to bring, the RAC has created a guide on planning a road trip in Europe. Here you’ll know exactly what’s compulsory to take to each country.

With these tips you’ll be ready to take to the open road and explore new destinations. Just remember to take your time, go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

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