8 Safety Tips to Remember While Enjoying the Ocean

8 Safety Tips to Remember While Enjoying the Ocean

Summer is nearly here, and the beach is calling to you for a fun vacation. The ocean is majestic and beautiful and the perfect place to spend your summer vacation, but it can also be dangerous and can cause injury or death.

Keep your vacation positive by using these eight beach-safety tips:

1. Remain Buoyant

While enjoying the ocean, or scuba diving, you want to make sure you can control your ascent or descent into the water. A buoyancy control device or BCD can help you with just this as they allow for a controlled ascent or descent into the water. You can check out the best BCD’s here.

2. Watch the Flags

Another way to be safe while enjoying the water is to watch the flags. They work similarly to how crossing-lights work as green means it is safe to enjoy the water; yellow corresponds to use caution and red means that you should not enter.

3. Check the Weather

A key ingredient to beach safety is the weather if the weather is good than it is safe to go in the water. If there are storms nearby with potential for lightning, it is best if you avoid the beach during that period as lightning can travel through the water.

4. Learn How to Swim

A basic for ocean safety is knowing how to swim. If you know how to swim and get yourself into a dangerous situation, you will have a better chance of getting out of it. Regardless of if you know how to swim or not, wearing a personal flotation device while in the water can save your life.

5. Stay Near the Lifeguards

Picking a spot to swim that is near the lifeguard stands gives you more opportunity to be safe. You are going to be in a good place to be seen in the event of an emergency, giving the lifeguards more opportunity to rescue you if needed.

6. Steer Clear of Rip Currents

Rip currents can happen at any beach, so it's best if you read the signage that is posted on the beach to know what the risk is for that day. If you find yourself stuck in a rip current, don't panic and try swimming parallel to the shore until you can safely escape it.

7. Watch Out for Waves

Waves can be very powerful, much stronger than you would think. Being aware of the power and strength of the waves can keep you safe at the beach. If you feel like the waves are getting too large, get out of the water and wait a bit for them to die down.

8. Remain Sober

A key ingredient to ocean safety is to remain sober. You would not want to dive or swim in the ocean while under the influence of alcohol or drugs as both of these toxins will inhibit your ability to spot danger.

The ocean is vast and mysterious and can be enjoyed safely by everyone. Read the posted signage, follow the lifeguard's instructions, remain buoyant and stay sober. By following these eight-safety tips, you can ensure you have a great time, without becoming injured.

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