7 Things You Need to Bring on Vacation

List of Important Things to Bring on Vacation

The weather is warming and that winter bonus is burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re like most who were bitten by the travel bug while trying to overcome cabin fever, you’re probably starting to plan your next vacation. Or, perhaps you’re not looking that far to the future and are instead taking a last minute trip to capitalize on some sunshine... Either way, there are some essential items you need to include on the packing check list to prevent your dreamy weekend getaway from turning into an unforgettable nightmare.

• Sunscreen

Check your suntan ambitions at the door of whatever car, plane, or train you’re about to board. It’s time to start privileging the health and vitality of your skin over the color of its complexion. Be sure to pack a minimum of SPF 30 and to apply it at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. If you’re adamant about getting some color for those Instagram adventure photos, purchase a few sunless spray tans before hand—we promise not to tell! If you're going to the beach, please make sure not to use sunscreen products with ingredient that might be harmful to the corals.

• Makeup Remover

Being on vacation is no excuse for sleeping in your makeup at night. If you pass out with your full face on, you’ll more than likely wake up to a few visiting blemishes who have decide to make themselves at home. Pack some makeup remover to quickly and conveniently remove your face makeup before bed, or risk losing the #Iwokeuplikethis handle altogether.

• Vitamin C

Unfortunately, the stress of travel, climate change, and differing sleep schedules make our bodies more susceptible to getting sick. If you feel yourself catching a cold on vacation, you’ll be thankful you decided to pack some vitamin C or immunity booster. Don’t spend your trip miserable in bed; be prepared to stop a sickness right in its tracks by having a packet of EmergenC—this immune system booster is just waiting to help you fight any infection full force.

• The Right Apparel

Hopefully you don’t need advice on which clothes to pack; snow clothes for the mountains and Hawaiian shirts for the islands are pretty commonsense. However, many smaller items that aren’t on the forefront of our mind frequently get overlooked, such as extra wool socks, spare beach towels, and so on. Conversely, packing too many burlap coats is unnecessary and only going to add unneeded weight to your luggage. Pack smartly—with your destination in mind—using items that can be repurposed for various outfits throughout your trip.

• Portable Charger

You’ll probably be snapping away your vacation on various social media outlets, resulting in a serious battery drain. To keep yourself (and the fans!) happy, be sure to have a portable charger on you while you’re away from charging docks. A quick juice during dinner can double the lifespan of your phone and prevent you from having to call it an early night when it’s on its last leg.

List of Important Things to Bring on Vacation

• Adaptable Outlets

Speaking of chargers, double check whether or not you’ll need to purchase power outlet adapters before your trip. The world standards for plug and socket vary across countries, but pay close attention if you’re planning a trip to Europe, Asia, or South America. Note you might need to convert the voltage of your appliance as well as the socket using a transformer, otherwise you might accidentally fry your laptop, blow dryer, or any other electronic device running at a high voltage.

• Pen and Paper

The best thing you can do on vacation is unplug altogether and appreciate every moment of your experience. Save time for introspection and bring a journal to jot down your thoughts, opinions, favorite foods or new friends. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the act of putting pen to paper can make an experience truly memorable. Whether it’s for jotting down bus schedules, WiFi passwords, or significant moments, you’ll be happy to have a notebook close by.

These seven items may only scratch the surface of your packing list, but they’re the most important things we couldn’t let you forget! Keep these in your carry-on and check the rest; you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and prepare for smooth sailing.

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