A Look at How Singapore Has Incorporated Infrastructure with Nature

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

As soon as you hit the streets of Singapore, you won’t fail to notice the magnificent buildings blended with nature. Just as its moniker suggests, Singapore is a real City in the Garden. Walking around the city, a perfect breeze that is contrary to the hot and humid weather experienced makes you feel relaxed in the presence of nature.

Singapore’s first prime minister bore the idea of changing Singapore into a city in the garden. His dream was to see Singapore turn into an eco-friendly state that would be covered with plants to make better surroundings for the citizens and visitors alike. He also envisioned that a clean city with proper waste management policies and with plenty of greenery would mean Singapore is a state committed to providing the perfect environment for its visitors, thus attracting more tourists and investors.

With much progress being made, many investors are seeking the ministry of manpower employment pass to pitch camp in Singapore. The government of Singapore, alongside various agencies and personnel, are working round the clock to come up with newer and better ways to maintain public aspects of life. The idea of shared workspaces to cut down on traveling is one of the ways through which Singapore hopes to provide low cost living in urban areas and still boost productivity.

Green Buildings

Green technology policies have been incorporated in Singapore’s building and construction industry since 2005. Implementation of the Green Mark evaluation system, which makes sure that newer private or public construction projects have to meet the Green Mark guidelines, has been an important part of this process. What this means is that builders and architects must integrate more eco-friendly features into their projects.
Overhanging plants to shade from excess sunlight are a common sight on most buildings in Singapore. Tall terraces and gardens are used to replace the vegetation lost when constructing new buildings.

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s urban development agency’s former leader, Cheong Koon also helped achieve Singapore’s vision as a ‘Garden City.’ An experienced architect and urban planner, Cheong worked on redesigning Singapore through ventures such as Marina Bay.
Inside Marina Bay, you will find Gardens by the Bay. The garden is split into the South Bay Gardens and East Bay Gardens. The garden occupies approximately 100 hectares of reclaimed land. Carpeted with lush green lawns and palm trees common in tropical weather, the Bay East Garden offers a perfect view of the city’s horizon from the seafront.

Bay South Garden, the bigger of the two gardens, resembles Singapore’s national flower. The magnificent supertrees are a sight to behold. The supertrees have walkways connecting each other. From the sidewalks, you can enjoy the perfect picturesque view of the garden.

National Orchid Garden

Inside Singapore’s botanic garden is the national orchid garden, which is now a recognized UNESCO heritage site. It boasts over 1000 different types of tree species. The flowers complement the trees, which make the place look magnificent. But, what stands out is the lovely and natural fragrance of the flowers.

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