Advice and Travel Guidelines for your Next Malaysian Vacation

Advice and travel guidelines for your next Malaysian vacation

Whether you have traveled to Malaysia before or this is your first vacation there, you should always be prepared with the right travel information before going on a trip of this kind. Although Malaysia certainly wows tourists with its exotic destinations as well as exciting activity possibilities and friendly locals, in order for a holiday there to be an absolute hit, knowing a few tips will be necessary. The following advice and guidelines will help you benefit from the best possible Malaysians experience:


Although the majority of first time Malaysian travelers tend to stick within the peninsula, there are other locations that are worth the trip. The highlights of Malaysia, according to explorers, remain the following.

• Perhentians
The impressively clear waters and mesmerizing coral reefs are the ones that make Perhentians one of Malaysia’s high lists. From diving and snorkeling, to the beaches’ untouched overall feel, in Perhentians, you will be experiencing some fascinating views and memorable activities.

• Penang
Being the second biggest island in Malyasia, Penang certainly is a must-see. With numerous holiday resorts, breathtaking beaches and a perfect blend of history, culture and cuisine, you will have an amazing time in Penang, regardless of trip duration.

• Taman Negara
With an old forest, which has been barely touched by humans, the National Park of Taman Negara, makes this region a main attraction for tourists around the globe, which is why it has been included in Malaysia’s best destinations.

What to watch out for

To not let your overall trip be affected din any way by a potential inconvenience, it’s important to be prepared with some knowledge on what to watch for. Having all paperwork in order is the first step that you will need to take, long before your departure, and you should always start by applying for your Malaysia e visa, because without it, you will not be able to enter the country. Tourists are also recommended to look out for petty theft, even if the overall atmosphere of the country is a safe one. Credit card fraud is usually the problem that has become a concern, so make sure to be careful when you are using yours.

Top activities

To actually have a great time in Malaysia, you should engage in actual fun activities, besides swimming in the crystal-clear water and sunbathing. There are a few things you should definitely make the time to try out;
  • Climbing Kinabalu – to experience a mesmerizing view, and to challenge yourself, go on a hike on Kinabalu. This tall mountain will impress you with its spirit and grace.
  • Scuba diving – It’s impossible to leave Malaysia without going scuba diving or snorkeling at least once, many exotic destinations there having a fascinating marine life.
  • Surfing and kiteboarding – around the area of Cheating you will find the perfect seaside community for surfing and kiteboarding, so go for at least one of these options.

You have probably chosen Malaysia as your next holiday destination for a reason. Considering the wide range of beautiful locations Malaysia has to offer travel lovers, it’s no wonder why so many tourists focus their attention towards it annually. However, in order for you to make the most out of this travel opportunity, gaining some insights on the topic will probably help you out. Take into account these tips, and you will return home with numerous exciting and fascinating memories.

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