Top 5 American Food Specialties

Top 5 American Food Specialties

America is the melting point of dishes. From regional specialties, to borrowed dishes that predates back to the colonization period, America has some of the craziest, sweetest to nostalgia-inducing meals.

In this article, we've ranked the top five American food and specialties. This rank has included a variety of ethnic dishes native to the American, fast foods, and a concoction of borrowed culture. Chances are that you probably are in love with some of these lip-smacking delicacies.

1) Apple Pie

Apple is akin to American national heritage. This delicious piece cannot be challenged by anything, not even a pecan or key lime. The apple pie is made from a simple combination of sugar, buttery pastry and tart. This unique combination produces a dessert that is amazingly-sweet. What's more, culinary enthusiasts have devoted their life and skills to perfecting the apple pie.

For an extraordinary taste, you can try snacking your apple pie alongside green chilies.

2) The Hamburger

Even though the origin of the American hamburger is highly disputed, one thing is for sure; there's no argument over the popularity of this tantalizing classic dish. Similar to the difference in the originality of the hamburger, so does the toppings and accompaniment of the hamburger. The topping of the hamburger greatly varies from region to region.
However, if you're looking for an original version of the hamburger, you need to visit Loius' Lunch in NY Haven, Connecticut. This restaurant serving the hamburger since 1895 and is open for most days for lunch.

3) Clam Chowder

Boston is synonymous with a clam powder, a hideous and aromatic soup. A visit to Boston is never complete without trying the New England clam chowder. The dish, which traces its roots in the Eastern United States is a form of chowder soup that contains clams and broth.

Aside from the clams, other common ingredients in this mouth-watering dish include tender potatoes, quahog shellfish, herbs and salted pork.

4) Tacos

If you're in LA, you're more than likely to bump into a taco stand; they're littered everywhere, literary. With so many Spanish speakers in the region, taco, a traditional Mexican dish is a commonplace. This fast-dish is comprised of a variety of ingredients, but the most dominant ingredient is wheat tortilla that is folded or rather rolled around a filling.

Common taco fillings include beef, veggies, chicken, cheese or seafood. This variety not only provides room for greater versatility but also customized tastes.

5) Texas Barbeque

In most regions, barbecuing is only done during the warm summer evening. However, for Texans, barbecuing is an anytime, all-day practice. Texans are obsessed with smoking meat and tenderizing ribs.

One of the common dishes that Texans love and a dish that you've to try is the Texas barbeque. This dish is a traditional way of preparing meat and has a unique approach to the cuisine of Texas.

Food is among the keys that open the door to explore different cultures- it teaches and helps you understand the insights of any culture. However, to experience the different cultures, you do not have to travel since all cultures are clasped easily by food necessarily.

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