Plan your Japan Road Trip with Tabirai Car Rental

Plan your Japan Road Trip with Tabirai Car Rental

Traveling can be a good experience when all things were planned well. When traveling to Japan, finding resources with English website is a lot of help. Just like Tabirai Japan Car Rental Services, a comparison website that lists cars from major rental companies at reasonable prices.

Planning a trip is one of the keys for a comfortable and memorable vacation. With all the time spent in reading blogs and articles for a specific destination, and asking friends for their experiences and recommendations, planning for a trip is really one of the most crucial parts of traveling. That is why; I always exert extra efforts when I plan a trip, especially when traveling abroad.

Plan your Japan Road Trip with Tabirai Car Rental

As a traveler, I want to experience new things. Maybe drive a car abroad? Hmmmm... I think, if I were to do that, I would love to do it in Japan.

Of all the countries abroad that I've been to, Japan is one of the favorites. The lovely and respectful people, the discipline they have, the food, the weather, and the common knowledge of how organized things are in Japan, are just some the reasons why you should consider visiting "the land of the rising sun."

Car rental in Japan is quite common especially in Hokkaido and Okinawa. Imagine yourself enjoying a nice coastal drive with scenic mountain views, having the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want and to decide our own schedule, and visiting places where the locals go at your own time and convenience. That's cool right?! So, if you're planning a trip to Japan, you might as well consider renting a car so you could explore places you want to visit at your convenience.

Plan your Japan Road Trip with Tabirai Car Rental

Tabirai’s Three Important Features

With a lot of time spent on reading articles online, Tabirai Car Rental is commonly suggested by travelers. So I checked their website and I loved that it is in English and found out three important features Tabirai Car Rental Company is offering.
  1. Guaranteed installation of English-speaking car navigation system. This is very important because with an English GPS, it would be convenient and easy for you to drive around. Not many Japan car rental companies offer this service; it's good that Tabirai has it.
  2. They only post cars from major rental companies welcoming users from abroad at reasonable prices compared to regular prices (maximum 50% off from fixed prices).
  3. In addition to rental car charges, basic insurance, collision damage waiver (CDW), English-car navigation(GPS), consumption tax are included in a price display that is easy to understand and secure. Insurance from individual car rental companies (NOC compensation insurance) is optional and can be added on the date of car rental (as desired).

Plan your Japan Road Trip with Tabirai Car Rental

Things I love about Tabirai Car Rental

  • They have an English website that is easy to understand.
  • Once online reservation is completed, the specified rental is guaranteed. All you need to do is simply go to the meeting place or rental car company office on the departure date or pick up date of the vehicle.
  • Member registration and credit card information are not required when booking a car rental service. Payment can be done at the car rental office on the departure date. Credit cards are the recommended method of payment. But you could also pay in cash.
  • If your travel plans change, you can easily cancel your reservation and send a message to the rental car company by logging in to the ‘Reservation Information Box.’ You just need to log in with your reservation number and reservation password mentioned in the reservation confirmation email.
  • I also appreciate that they practice transparency. From the start, you know that there are things that are not included in the price, such as NOC compensation insurance fee (which is optional), ETC card rental fee (around 300 yen), highway/expressway tolls and gasoline cost.

Plan your Japan Road Trip with Tabirai Car Rental

There you have it! Getting a car rental service in Japan is quite easy, and the language barrier is no problem at all. I think, I'm ready to drive a car abroad. Yey! I'm happy that I found out about Tabirai Car Rental as they are the top car rental company in Hokkaido, Okinawa and other parts of Japan.


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