A Journey Down the North Dakota Wine and Beer Trails

A Journey Down the North Dakota Wine and Beer Trails

A trend across the United States over the past 30 years has been the launch of wineries and small breweries. This trend has reached North Dakota as well, with an ever increasing number of wineries and breweries opening their doors. Indeed, even more wineries and breweries are expected to go into operation in the future as well

Wineries Open for Tours and Tastings

In North Dakota, at the present time, there are a dozen wineries that are open for tours and tastings. Each of these wineries has their own hours of operation when guests can stop in for a visit and taste of their delightful vintages. Thus, even though the doors are open and reservations are not required, you are best served by taking a moment to call ahead and confirm hours of operation. As an aside, there can be some seasonal differences when it comes to tours and tastings at these different wineries as well.

Some of the North Dakota wineries have special events on location as well. For example, there are wineries in the state that provide entertainment on certain days, along with wine tasting.

4E Winery, Mapleton, 701-936-9692
Dakota Hills Winery, Rugby, 701-542-3330
Dakota Sun Gardens and Winery, Carrington, 701-674-3316
Fluffy Fields Winery and Vineyard, Dickinson, 701-483-2242
Maple River Winery, Casselton, 701-347-5900|
Pointe of View Winery and Souris Valley Vineyard, Burlington, 701-839-5505
Prairie Rose Meadery, Fargo, 701-371-3690
Prairiewood Winery, Lisbon, 701-683-5866
Bear Creek Winery, Fargo, 701-306-7513
Rookery Rock Winery, Wheatland, 701-280-2470
ThumbsUp Winery, Minot, 701-833-2776
Wolf Creek Winery, Coleharbor, 701-220-7237

Wineries that Schedule Visits

In addition to the North Dakota wineries that essentially have an open door policy, there are others that welcome visitors who call ahead in advance. These wineries do welcome visitors, offer tours, and even tastings. However, they arrange for these visits on an individual basis.

Red Trail Vineyard, Buffalo, 701-633-5392
Cattail Bay Vineyard, Linton, 701-527-7215
Double D Vineyards, Hankinson, 701-545-7415
Dakota Breeze Vineyard, Wahpeton, 701-642-1940
Haymarsh Valley Vineyards, Glen Ullin, 701-878-4167
Long Shadow Vineyards, Galesburg, 701-488-2669
Parcel 6 Vineyard, Kathryn, 701-796-8021
Sawyer Crossing Vineyard, Sayer, 701-720-7711
Stomp'n Grapes Vineyard, Cooperstown, 701-426-0385
Twisted Sisters Vineyard, Blanchard, 701-636-5926
Wild Grape Vineyard, Kindred, 612-741-5691

Make Your Own Wine

If after visiting one or another of the great wineries in operation in North Dakota, you desire to make your own vintage, you are in luck. You can access everything you really need to get started making your own wine at Vintner's Cellar, located at 3250 Rock Island Place, in Bismarck. You can obtain more information about the establishment by calling 701-255-9463.

North Dakota Breweries

North Dakota is home to a growing beer brewing industry, with over a dozen breweries in operation today. The number is expected to increase in the future, due to the success that has been enjoyed by North Dakota brewers to date.

North Dakota breweries come in different forms and do welcome visitors. You can obtain more information about what is offered at a particular North Dakota brewery by reaching out to a particular establishment or operation via its website of by calling the brewery directly.

Bird Dog Brewing, Mandan, 701-663-8888
Buffalo Commons Brewing Company, Mandan, 701-595-2255
Laughing Sun Brewing Company, Bismarck, 701-751-3881
Drekker Brewing, Fargo
Fargo Brewing Company, Fargo, 701-478-2337
Flatland Brewery, West Fargo, 701-353-1178
Granite City Food ands Brewery, Fargo, 701-293-3000
Kilstone Brewing, Fargo, 701-893-5224
Prairie Brothers Brewery, Fargo, 701-282-7222
Drumconrath Brewing, Mapleton, 701-645-3786
Rhombus Guys Brewing Co., Grand Forks, 701-757-0598
Souris River Brewing, Minot, 701-837-1884
Williston Brewing Company, 701-609-5439
StoneHome Brewing Company, Watford City, 701-444-2337

North Dakota Beer and Wine Trails

Many individuals enjoy taking "wine country" or multiple brewery tours in different locations in the United States, and even elsewhere around the world. There actually are "wine trails" located in different geographic locations in the state of North Dakota. In addition, there are brewing operations located in close proximity to one another. In other words, you have the ability to do a wine trail tour of multiple wineries and vineyards that are located in close proximity with one another. Likewise, you can arrange to visit multiple brewing operations as well.

You can plot out your own wine or beer trail tour, depending upon what part of the state you live in or will be visiting. In the alternative, you can reach out to the North Dakota Division of Tourism. The team at the tourism office can assist you in developing a great wine tour itinerary. The North Dakota Division of Tourism can be contacted through the agency's website or by calling 800-435-5663 or 701-328-2525.

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