North Cyprus for Valuable Holiday Planning

North Cyprus for Valuable Holiday Planning

North Cyprus was not a favorite holiday spot until recently. But, this unrecognized island managed to handle the factors that impacted its holiday destination image. One Visa now offers Cyprus immigration service because they feel it enables our clients to plan for a valuable, cost-effective holiday vacation. Although North Cyprus is facing several embargos, as well as restrictions, it has been struggling to create an identity in the tourism sector. And, we can see that it was able to achieve the goal. Today, it offers almost everything that is expected by a tourism lover at low costs. Thus, North Cyprus would provide value for your money while at the same time being able to entertain you. Let’s see more about this here…

Enjoy the Greek and Turkish Aspects:

As you might already be aware, North Cyprus has both Greek and Turkish sectors. So, if you have a passport, you could just walk through the checkpoints to the enchanting Greek and Turkish areas of Cyprus. When I first traveled to North Cyprus on a holiday, my primary shopping destination was the Greek portion of Cyprus. More particularly, I loved Ledra Street for this reason, wherein I could see all the Western stores like Starbucks, KFC, and so on. I felt this street provided me value for my every penny. But, at the same time, I can’t keep the Turkish side aside.

When I crossed the so-called “Green Line,” which is the UN buffer zone that divides the Greek and the Turkish sectors of the region, I just walked north along Ledra Street to step foot into the Turkish zone. As soon as I went into the region, I felt like I was in a totally different continent. I couldn’t believe that I was still in North Cyprus. At the first look, I could understand that this zone is less cosmopolitan, and hence, you can’t find as many cafes and stores. But, this place didn’t disappoint me. I was welcomed by several tea shops and stalls offering unique Turkish eateries. More importantly, I could witness a slow pace of life here. Overall, I enjoyed visiting both of the sectors of the island.

Reaching North Cyprus:

For first-time travelers, it could be a little difficult to reach the island because North Cyprus is an off-the-radar small country. This is why I got visa help from One Visa, which made all the visa processing work smoothly for me. You will find it hard to reach the destination, especially if you are from the UK. The reason is that one cannot fly directly from the UK, and you need to make it through the Turkish mainland. But, today, there is one more way to reach North Cyprus easily. You can make it there from the southern region by taking connecting flights. There are several cheaper, as well as frequent, flights available. Especially, there are some non-stop flights too. These will make your travel easier. I traveled into the south and then, reached the holiday resort, which I already booked, in a car. It was a nearly 1.5-hour journey. But, it was totally comfortable.

Thus, if you are planning for a cheaper yet valuable holiday destination, I would say you must consider North Cyprus next time!

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