5 Amazing Things to do in Fiji

5 Amazing Things to do in Fiji

Fiji is a beautiful island country filled with stunning natural attractions with a laidback, beach vibe. Visit Fiji and experience a warm welcome from the friendly locals, explore white sand bays and beaches and enjoy long, summer nights with a cocktail or two.

Before you go…

Flights to Fiji booked and ready to set off? First, make sure you check out these Fiji travel tips:
  • “Bula!” is a common greeting in Fiji, and can mean hello, welcome and cheers. “Vinaka!” means thank you.
  • Fiji has a tropical climate, so be prepared for rain!
  • Research your chosen area well - Fiji is made up of 333 islands!
  • Fiji is known for its wide range of adventure activities, so be sure to research nearby snorkeling trips, ziplining, water activities and more.

Check out some of the best things to do in Fiji and get excited for your next big adventure!

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Head to the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park to see amazing sand dunes formed over millennia. The park spans an area of 650 hectares and is home to a number of native animals like geckos, lizards and more alongside 22 species of birds. The dunes are located on the south west side of the main island of Viti Levu on what was discovered to be an ancient burial site dating back 2,600 years.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is located around a 10-minute drive north from the popular destination Nadi. Perfect for nature lovers, the gardens showcase the beautiful native flora of Fiji, including a large collection of over two thousand tropical orchids, serene lily ponds and lush native rainforest. The 20 hectare gardens are a great place to relax and explore the many walking trails in the park.

Photo: Wiki Maksym Kozlenko

Mount Tomanivi

Mount Tomanivi is an extinct volcano in the northern highlands of Viti Levu popular with travellers and locals alike. Formerly known as Mount Victoria, the mountain is the highest peak in the country at 1,323 metres tall. Climb to the top of the mountain to get gorgeous landscape views of nearby villages Navai and Viti Levu. The trek to the top takes around six hours return trip, and may be a little tough for first time climbers. Be sure to pack lots of water and wear comfortable shoes.

Amazing Things to do in Fiji

Colo-i-Suva Forest Park

DIscover vivid rainforest surrounds, crystal clear rivers and cascading waterfalls in Colo-i-Suva Forest Park. Keep an eye out for tropical native wildlife and 14 different species of birds, including the colourful scarlet robin and Fiji warblers. Traverse the 6.5 kilometres of walking trails to take in the amazing natural attractions in the park, including Wasilla Creek and the calm waters of the lower pools.

Amazing Things to do in Fiji

Suva Municipal Market

Take in the sights, smells and sounds of Fiji and haggle to your heart’s content at Suva Municipal Market. Since its opening in the 1950s, the market has become a hub for locals and travellers. The market is the largest in the country with hundreds of stalls selling everything from fresh fruit and root vegetables to fresh flowers and delicious sea food. Located on the Suva Harbour, take a stroll to nearby Suva flea markets after lunch to discover traditional arts and crafts, souvenirs and more.

Amazing Things to do in Fiji

There are just some top things you can do in Fiji. Regardless of its little size, Fiji is full of adventures as well as relaxation. There are a diverse amount of Fiji accommodation to suit any type of traveller for any sort of budget, from luxury resorts, hotels to hostels, it is a great budget holiday destination for couples and families.

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