Simple Tips on How to REDUCE WASTE when Traveling

Simple Tips on How to REDUCE WASTE when Traveling

There are many ways on how we can REDUCE WASTE when we travel. Even in our simple way, let's try to help in preserving and taking care of our environment. Here are some of my simple yet very useful tips that I recommend for you to do during your travels.

  • When I travel, I always bring my own toothpaste and toothbrush. So when staying in a hotel or resort, hindi ko na ginagamit yung disposable toothbrush nila. Kasi dagdag basura lang. It's my simple way of reducing waste.
  • I also bring my own slippers. Hindi ko na rin ginagamit yung disposable slippers sa hotels.
  • If 2-3 nights lang naman, hindi na rin ako nagpapa make-up ng room or nagpapa-change ng towels and bedding. This will help save on water and detergent soap. Sa bahay nyo ba, araw-araw kayo nagpa-palit ng towels and bedding? :)
  • Minsan, may mga hotels/resorts na walang main switch to everything inside then room na naka-connect dun sa keycard. Kaya kapag lumalabas ako ng hotel room, I make sure to turn-off all the appliances (especially the aircon) to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Always remember, turn off the lights if not in use, especially sa bathroom. Simple, yet could help conserve energy.
  • Kung malapit lang naman yung pupuntahan, maglakad na lang kayo. Or if 1 to 2 floors up or down, don't take the elevator. Mag stairs nalang kayo. It's also a form of exercise.
  • I also don't print hotel vouchers and flight itineraries. Sayang lang ang papel. I usually use the digital copy on my mobile phone.
  • Ever since I learned that wet wipes could take 100 years to decompose, I stopped using it.
  • Sa buffet breakfast ng hotel, get only what you can eat. Please wag maging "takaw mata" na ang dami daming nasasayang sa mga kinukuha nyo sa buffet table.
  • Even if you paid for your hotel stay, it doesn't mean that you could over-use everything. Take your part in conserving water and electricity.
  • When I buy something, sa mga souvenir stores or kahit sa mall, I ask them not to place the items I bought in a plastic or paper bag. I just put them directly inside my bag. That way, you won't be using a plastic or paper bag that would just end up as garbage. That is why, I always make sure that I have enough space in my bag if I want to buy souvenirs or food items as pasalubong. This tip is applicable not just during travels but in our everyday lives.
  • Practice "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" and "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time" principles all the time.

These are just simple tips, but could really make a difference. I hope you could SHARE these to your friends. If many of us will do these simple tips, we will not just make a difference; together we could make an impact.

How about you? How do you reduce waste when traveling?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and I will add them here. Thanks a lot!


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