Top 10 Places in Virginia Beach for the Best Instagram Pictures

Top 10 Places in Virginia Beach for the Best Instagram Pictures

They say Virginia is for lovers. So we say Virginia Beach is for those who love Instagram.

So whether it’s for your custom Chatbook or to finally get 200 likes, here are the 10 places to capture the best Instagram photos when you’re in Virginia Beach.

1. Sandbridge Beach

Although it’s considered part of the Virginia Beach coastline, Sandbridge is a simpler and quieter area from the busy boardwalk. And with its family and vacation homes and beautiful skyline, you can have a relaxing beach day and snap some gorgeous pictures. We all love (and envy) a good beach vacation picture, so take one of you on the beach, you running through the waves rushing over the sand or a picturesque sunrise. It doesn’t really matter because all of these are guaranteed double-tappers.

2. King Neptune Statue

Resort Beach is another fun beach area. But perhaps the main attraction here is the 34-foot tall bronze King Neptune statue. This sea god commands the area, and his crew of surrounding marine life and a giant sea turtle add to the fun and life-like qualities of this popular sculpture. You can’t leave Virginia Beach without snapping a selfie with King Neptune.

3. Cape Henry Lighthouses

The Cape Henry lighthouses are historical landmarks and the guardians of the Chesapeake Bay. The original is made of stone, but the real eye-catcher is the second, newer one, as it’s taller and painted black and white. You’ll get the best shots of one or both of the Cape Henry lighthouses on a clear, cloudless day. And if your legs are up to it, climb up to the top of the original lighthouse for breathtaking panoramic views of Cape Henry.

4. First Landing State Park

While in Cape Henry, make time for a stop at First Landing State Park. Being a beachside park, it offers 1.5 miles of sandy beaches to enjoy, as well as swamps and 19 miles worth of walking and hiking trails. There’s plenty to explore and plenty to photograph for guaranteed Instagram likes.

5. Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

One of the prettiest views of the Virginia Beach coastline is standing on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It puts you out on the water without having to climb aboard a boat. For the perfect vantage point, head to the scenic overlook. At the North End, you’ll be able to capture up-close shots of unique waterfowl, or at the south island you can snap a few photos of naval destroyers, other boats and overview shots of the bay and Virginia Beach.

6. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

If your Instagram photos and feed are dedicated to animals, then take your phone to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. From owls and bobcats nestled in the forests to sea turtles, seals, osprey, gulls and more, Back Bay is home to numerous species. And with different flocks migrating to and from Back Bay throughout the year, there are countless chances to catch seasonal wildlife photos.

7. Norfolk Botanical Garden

The Norfolk Botanical Garden has pretty much done all the work for you to capture an amazing photo. All you have to do is choose which beautiful area or flower you want to snap a picture of and whether or not you want to be in the photo. If you’re in town during early spring, head to the stunning rose garden that will be blooming. But really, anytime you visit is a great time, as Norfolk Botanical Garden provides natural, vibrant beauty and interesting architecture every season of the year.

8. Cypress Bridge Swamp Natural Area Preserve

While we’re on a nature kick, let’s head over to Cypress Bridge Swamp Natural Area Preserve, which is a 535-acre home to some of Virginia’s largest trees. Several of the trees here are more than 1,000 years old. You’ll find rare shade mud flower, water tupelos and the nation’s biggest Carolina ash.

9. Lynn haven Fishing Pier

Although this site is seasonal, operating only from May to October, it still makes the list. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Lynn haven Fishing Pier is the recreational sports fisherman’s spot in Virginia Beach, as well as a great photo op, especially if you take a photo of the pier during sunset.

10. Military Aviation Museum

Whether you’re a World War I and II aficionado or not, a visit to the Military Aviation Museum is fun, educational and loaded with picture-worthy moments. Each aircraft has been fully restored to its previous military condition, and many of the planes are flown at the museum during flight demonstrations and air shows. Stationary or in flight, these military aircrafts make for some cool photos.

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