Six Must See Places in France

Six Must See Places in France

Where can you find great weather, delicious food, great cultural heritage, and infinite romance? I’m sure you just thought of France, and in case you didn’t, the answer is indeed France! One of the most popular European countries to visit, France has a city and vacation destination for everybody. Nevertheless, here are 6 wonderful must see places to get you and your traveling partner/s started on your French journey. Enjoy!

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Of course, it’s not a surprise that the French capital is first on the list; isn’t it on every bucket list of places to see? For good reason, Paris is most definitely the first city to visit in France. With its beautiful parks, great restaurants, and museums galore, traveling to The City of Lights will bring you lots of great memories. I’d recommend going in spring, the weather is beautiful and you might avoid the city being quite so full as tourists as it is in the summertime (though if you want tourist free- Paris might not be the place for you!) In fact, being so very popular among travellers, you might end up queuing for major attractions, so it’s better to plan ahead and book in advance using a company like Musement.com so you can arrive in Paris with your Eiffel Tower tickets already pin your hand and therefore skip the hours standing in a long line! As well as the city’s famous tower, the top Parisian sites include Notre-Dame Cathedral, The Louvre museum and the Arc de Triomphe.

Don't forget to book your accommodation at a good time, because Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world. For budget friendly options you can find the best youth hostels in Paris online as you really don’t need to stay in your room much with so much to see.

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Located on France’s southwest coast, Biarritz is the perfect destination for those of you that enjoy the beach, a laid back time, and most importantly, surfing. Biarritz is a unique mix of being a fancy beach resort, and a casual place for suffers to hang out and catch some waves (visitors in designer clothes, and others in flip flops.) There is also a lot of history in the city’s architecture- Napoleon himself used to visit Biarritz as a holiday location and the streets offer visitors a gorgeous combination of Basque, art-deco and neo-classical structures. I only advice that you go fully aware that if you visit in peak season, you must be prepared to pay peak-season prices as this is one of the ‘go to’ destinations in Europe.

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If you’re looking for a spectacular countryside view, Provence is definitely the French destination for you. Unique due to its infinite lavender fields, Provence is located in the Southeastern part of France, and also borders the Mediterranean Sea. Also boasting great vineyards, olive groves, and a unique architecture, Province is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a calm getaway. It is also ideal food the foodies among us- food in France is famous worldwide, and it particularly good in Provence and like the regions nature its food to offers visitors great variety.

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Great for the winter season, but still beautiful during the summer, Chamonix is definitely one of the ritziest places to visit in France. Also bordering Italy and Switzerland, this green and rocky heaven is perfect for the sporty tourists visiting France. Defined as the best destination for extreme winter sports, and having hosted the first winter Olympics in 1924, visit Chamonix if you’re looking for adventure! The views are sensational whether you are skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer- you can experience the breathtaking views here in the Alps.

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Famous for its papal residency from 1309-1377, Avignon is the place to go if you’re looking for romance and rural sights. In fact, thanks to the beautiful Palais des Papes at the center of the city, Avignon has many little side streets that will have you feel like you’re scampering through medieval times, indeed Avignon has now been recognized by UNESCO. If you go in July, keep in mind that you’ll be up for the special treat that is the festival d’Avignon- the largest art festival in the country! If you’re looking for little boutiques, beautiful squares and a medieval feel then look no further than Avignon.

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With its name being pretty self-explanatory, what else could you want from a holiday destination? Home to one of the most popular celebration drinks, Champagne is France’s wine region located in the Northeast. Around the region, make sure you visit the neighbouring towns like Γ‰pernay, Reims, and Troyes; all great supporters of wine tasting!

If you’ve found the city that interests you the most out of these six, start booking! Before you go, make sure you learn a couple of useful phrases to get from point A to B, check what weather you’re going to have, and remember that you are tourists and keeping your valuables safe near you is at the order of the day. Nevertheless, France is a truly wonderful country with lots to offer, so what are you waiting for?

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