How to budget your time in Lhasa, Tibet in 3 days?

Tibet Travel Guide

Travelling not only refreshes the mind, but it also opens up a different face of the world. The new experiences are precious and it gives us unforgettable memories, which stay with forever. From mountains to monasteries and breathtaking glaciers, Tibet is a place, which attracts all travellers. The climate can often pose challenges, but it still doesn’t discourage the globetrotters. However, a budget trip is essential in this case and proper planning needs to be done when you tour Tibet. The money should be spent on the main attractions and the unnecessary parts should be skipped. Thinking about having a budget trip to Lhasa? Read on and find out, how you can do it effortlessly.

Why you should visit Lhasa, Tibet?

Lhasa is undoubtedly the best place in Tibet and your visit here can be absolutely amazing. This old city has the modern touches in the right areas and the perfect blend of culture can be witnessed here. According to Tibetan culture, the gods reside here, so the holy charm can be felt everywhere. The city on the banks of Lhasa River is exquisitely beautiful. Tibet’s capital has a serene touch and it contains many lively neighbourhoods. From Jokhang Temple to Barkhor neighbourhood, the cultural influence runs through the veins of this place. Tibetans living in this area dress traditionally and they often engage in Kora. Culture, religion and natural beauty, Lhasa defines Tibet in a grand way. Every part of Tibet depicts a different kind of culture and the western area is busy and extremely modernized. It bears resemblance with some Chinese cities and urban infrastructure is quite impressive.

Tibet Travel Guide

Travellers have bucket lists and some unique destinations are mentioned there. Tibet’s Lhasa can make that list any day and it enthrals and excites the adventure lovers. First of all, the views are amazing here and the extraordinary scenery is sure to please the hungry eyes of travellers. Photography enthusiasts want nothing more and they will never run out of options. Tibetan architecture is amazing and for this very reason, Lhasa can be a dream spot. The Buddhist approach is followed strictly and the colourful homes will grab eyeballs. Then comes the religious experience found in Lhasa, which can fill your heart with positive views. The monasteries perform some amazing rituals and your heart will yearn for more. Having a good and rewarding trip in a short span of time is quite challenging, but advanced planning does the trick.

How to spend 3 days in Lhasa if you have limited time?

During a vacation, time is the most precious thing and it should be utilized correctly. Lhasa has so many offerings that covering it in a short span is extremely tough. As a traveller, you will be totally confused on what to choose and what to leave. You can plan your Lhasa adventure perfectly, if you have some key focus areas. Explore the various spiritual treasures and don’t miss out on the happiness. Everything can be completed in a few days and the main attractions will be touched.

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Tibet Travel Guide

3 Days in Lhasa – An Amazing Experience

Arriving in Lhasa is easy and once you reach the place, the amazing trip starts. Short trips are fun and they are quite adventurous as well. Each day must be enjoyed to the fullest and the explorations will continue whole-heartedly. From the sacred Potala Palace to Jokhang Temple, engulf the atmosphere and prepare for something exhilarating.

Day 1 – Have ample rest

Tibet’s climate is different from other areas and as a visitor and you will need some time to get accustomed with it. The oxygen levels are low and breathing problems are very common. Your body needs ample rest to feel refreshed again and you need this for the trip ahead. Once the extreme high altitude stops troubling you, enjoy the amazing offerings of Tibet. Try out the local cuisines in the fabulous restaurants of Lhasa and treat your taste buds. The sweet tea is refreshing and it can offer you instant energy. Don’t exert too much pressure on your body on the first day, but you can pay a visit to Potala square.

Day 2 – visit the must-see attractions in Lhasa City

This is the most important part of the trip and the real excitement begins on this day. The second day covers important places like Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, Sera Monastery and Barkhor Temple. Potala Palace falls in the category of a “must go” destination and it is quite popular as well. The wonderful architecture must be experienced with an open heart and the palace has over a thousand rooms located on 13 different storeys. Precious sculptures, antiques, religious ornaments, Buddha statues, scriptures and much more will be in store for you.

Tibet Travel Guide

Jokhang Temple too can’t be missed and it is a world famous pilgrimage for Buddhists. The religious significance is massive and you will be astonished to find out the history of his place. Buddha Sakyamuni’s gold statue is considered as a holy shrine and it brings people to this destination. Next is Barkhor Street which is known for the pilgrim circuit called ‘Kora’? The locals will give you a peek of their traditions and it can please you totally. Meanwhile, souvenirs can also be bought from the local marketplace. Definitely visit Sera Monastery on Day 2 and know see the life of monks and their unique rituals.

Day 3 – visit turquoise Yamdrok Lake, one of top holy lakes closest to Lhasa

Your Tibet trip will be incomplete, if you don’t visit the beautiful Yamdrok Lake. Tibet is known for its holy lakes and this one is definitely one of them. The natural beauty can be soaked in and the magnificent view will keep your eyes delighted. Utilize your photography skills and capture some unforgettable frames in this region. Watching “Tibetan Drama” can be the perfect way to end the trip. The jokes are absolutely hilarious and the performances are awe-inspiring.

Tibet Travel Guide

Tibet is much bigger than the places mentioned here. There are countless attractions and you need plenty of days to visit them all. However, if you want to take a break out of your busy life to spend quality time in an amazing atmosphere, Lhasa is the place to be.

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