Why visiting Tibet shall be one of your bucket lists?

Top Things to do in Tibet

Travelling gives a unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the world and you should always enjoy the experience to the fullest. It is rejuvenating and fulfilling for both the heart and the mind. Tibet has a mystical aura to it and travellers can feel the vibe, once they enter this region. Recently, explorers from all around the world have become extremely interested about travelling to this amazing place in China. Tibet is beautiful and mesmerizing. It reflects the stunning beauty of nature and is inhabited by warm and welcoming people. Fantasising about Tibet travel? Well, you are not alone. A relaxing vacation in Tibet can be wonderful and here we have noted down all the reasons that make this destination so appealing.

Why visiting Tibet shall be one of your bucket lists?
Namtso Lake

Travellers always carry a list of dream destinations they want to visit in their lifetime. If you are searching for a wholesome experience, Tibet should be definitely on the list. The ancient culture is preserved for centuries and a unique society has grown in Tibet. It is isolated from the fast-paced life in China and a unique blend of culture and religion can be found here. Only one word can describe Tibet perfectly and that is ‘remarkable’. Undoubtedly, a special attraction in Asia, Tibet never disappoints the tourists. Pleasing monastery sights, scintillating mountains, a heart-touching cultural backdrop and a life-changing religious experience, Tibet is authentic from all sides.

Stunning Alpine Scenery in Tibet

The peaks in Tibet are simply awe-inspiring. The average height easily touches 4000m and Tibet is rightly called the “Roof of the World”. The country shares it border with Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and India. A total of 6 mesmerizing mountain ranges are situated in Tibet and one of them is the mighty Himalayas. The alpine scenery gives a special touch to the Tibetan climate and it serves as a perfect backdrop to this holy land. Photographers and travel enthusiasts will find plenty of inspiration here and the climate always keeps them motivated. Mountaineers simply can’t miss out the ever welcoming Mt. Everest and the amazing trekking opportunities it provides. This is a lifelong dream of many and by visiting Tibet; it can very well be a reality.

Explore Everest Base Camp and Be Mesmerized

Considered as an extremely popular trip filled with adventure, the EBC trip can fill with your heart with joy. Visitors are overwhelmed by the scenery and they simply love the atmosphere here. The panoramic view of mighty Himalayas, esp. Mt. Everest presents a beautiful picture, which can only be seen and experienced. Reach Lhasa and start your trip from this holy city. The blue sky with clear white clouds paints a photogenic view and the picturesque monasteries complete the visual treat. Lhasa can be covered in two days and you can spend your time visiting the religious sites. The Potala Palace is breathtaking and that is followed by the serene Jokhang Temple.

Why visiting Tibet shall be one of your bucket lists?
Mount Everest

Experience the jaw-dropping holy lakes in Tibet

Lakes can make any place look beautiful and Tibet is no exception. This piece of paradise is unpolluted and pure lakes are situated all over the rocky Tibetan Plateau. The aesthetic beauty will calm your mind and rejuvenate your senses. Visitors will enter a dream landscape, an illusion of heaven. In Tibet, three of the top holy lakes are worth visiting.

1. Lake Manasarovar – Situated right at the bottom of the mighty Mount Kailash, this fresh-water lake is truly amazing. The surface area of Manasarovar is over 320 sq. km.

2. Namtso Lake – The word “Namtso” stands for “heavenly lake” and it describes this lake perfectly. The clear blue water presents a perfect picture and the lake is 4718m above the sea level. Namsto has a special significance in Tibetan Buddhism and pilgrims come here every year.

3. Yamdrok Lake – The sacred lakes of Tibet make it even more sensational and Yamdrok Lake deserves special mention. A traveler’s dream and a delight for all, the water of Yamdrok changes colors, as the sun shines on it.

Top Things to do in Tibet
Yamdrok Lake

Profound Buddhist Culture in Tibet

The religion of a place influences everything from the culture to the festivals and the normal life. Tibet’s religious experience is truly unforgettable and as a visitor, it will impact your soul in a great way. Tibetan Buddhism has a style of embracing people of all cultures, religion and races. The monasteries will help you find your inner self and you can totally unwind and lose yourself to a spiritual binding. The roots of Buddhism are deep here, holiness surrounds the place. The local customs are also quite dominant and each festival is celebrated in its own light. Tibet’s traditions are wonderful and you will definitely be impressed.

Top Things to do in Tibet
Sand Mandala

The culture here is heart-touching and the local faces will stay in your mind forever. The various festivals demand your participation and you can easily mingle with the crowd to create everlasting moments. Tibetan Buddhism is dominated by rituals and they have become a key part of the region’s culture. The monasteries and temples witness some special rituals every day and people flock from all regions of the globe to get a glimpse of the life here. The rituals are meant for pleasing the deities that control the climatic conditions. Religion connects minds and the followers can control their passion and tame their ego.

Exotic Lifestyle in Tibet

Religion and secularism coexist brilliantly in Tibet and this is very rare to find. A morning in Lhasa can be magical, as the day starts in an energetic way. Tibetans engage in religious circling which is a joy to watch. Age is no bar here, as humanity reigns supreme. The residents travel to the holy monasteries and worshipping is how they connect to their inner self.

Top Things to do in Tibet
Prayer Wheel

Peace and harmony are two of the strongest emotions and the local citizens take the praying part very seriously. They don’t miss out the opportunity to establish a connection with god. It has intermingled with their day to day life. An exotic lifestyle, you simply have to experience in your lifetime. This is indeed one of Tibet’s finest attractions. A destination which should be definitely in your bucket list, you don’t need more reasons to visit Tibet.

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