Three Thriving UK Business Hot-Spots Outside of London

Three Thriving UK Business Hot-Spots Outside of London

There is little doubt that the great city of London is the UK’s major business city, but there are a handful of other thriving business hot-spots. These are great places for start-ups, large businesses, new graduates and anyone looking to succeed in the busi-ness world. These cities also boast high employment rates, good survival rates for new businesses and affordable prices.


One of the UK’s most famous and prestigious cities, Cambridge is one of the best places in the UK for business. With one of the world’s greatest universities, it boasts a constant stream of talented graduates and is sometimes referred to as Silicon Fer due to the sheer number of high-tech businesses that thrive in the bioscience and software industries. It also has a very high start-up survival and employment rate. Cambridge has excellent transport links and is close to London, making it a fantastic city for businesses in all industries.


Birmingham is known as the first manufacturing town in the world and has remained a crucial place for UK and global business. In 2016, it was named the best place for small businesses in the UK. Today, it is largely dominated by the service industry and it is the largest place for employment in education, heath and public administration. It is centrally located in England, making it a busy transport hub and the airport opens it up to the rest of the world. There are many high-quality hotels in Birmingham city centre, which makes it a popular place for business trips.


Scotland’s capital has the strongest economy in the UK outside of London, with an employment rate of 73.7% and a start-up survival of 54.4%. One of the key attractions of Edinburgh for new businesses is the fact that office rental prices are nearly an eighth of the price of London. Today, the economy is primarily built up of financial services, higher education, tourism and scientific research. It’s affordability, great transport connections, historical and cultural attractions and welcoming atmosphere make it a popular choice with businesses and it is one of Europe's thriving cities.

London may be the main business city in the UK, but it is also expensive and ex-tremely competitive. There are many other great cities around the UK that are current-ly thriving and very attractive to businesses, including the above three. Whether it is a start-up testing the waters or a large corporation seeking a good place to operate, you cannot go wrong with Cambridge, Birmingham or Edinburgh.

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