Befriending a Local Abroad with the help of Travel Pal

Travel Pal App Review

Scared of traveling alone in a foreign land? Worried that you might get lost geographically or in translation? Now is the perfect time to set aside all your apprehensions about traveling. Using Travel Pal app provides you a medium to connect with people from all over the world and help you befriend a local even before you set out on your journey.

Travel Pal App Review

Remember couchsurfing? Travel Pal operates almost similarly, but it even elevates the level of connection and communication by allowing you to easily find a host or a travel companion living across the globe.

Connecting to like-minded travelers around the world is just the first of many wonderful things that Travel Pal offers to users. Travelers can also experience local hospitality and learn basic local languages when they use the chat features with the help of the built-in translation tools of the Travel Pal app.

Travel Pal App ReviewTravel Pal App Review

Available in both the iOS and Android and absolutely free, Travel Pal is just the perfect mobile app for every traveler who are open to meeting locals from abroad and starting a possible life-long friendship even before one starts their own trip.

You can download the app for free at:

Using this app as a Traveler looking for hosts or as a hospitable local who would want to open their doors to world travelers, makes it as a perfect app to form a connection among the travel community - thus making the world smaller and more connected.

Travel Pal App ReviewTravel Pal App Review

Using Travel Pal as a Traveler

As a traveler, using Travel Pal not only help you plan your trip better, you also allow other users to suggest useful tips and give you a detailed guides from the perspective of a local. Know every secret spots in the place you will be visiting through the suggestions of other Travel Pal app users in the area and find kindred souls willing to host you for a free accommodation in exchange for some good camaraderie and travel conversation.

With Travel Pal, a traveler can easily;
  • Plan their trip and also find a person who will host them for free
  • Receive the best travel advice from locals
  • Discover all the places to see including both the famous spots and the secret local favorites as well
  • Learn where to eat the best local dishes and where to buy unique local souvenir items

Travel Pal App ReviewTravel Pal App Review

Using Travel Pal as a Host

As a traveler who have traveled to many places, a growing desire to pay it forward reigns over and what better way to give back to the travel community than to become a host to other travelers. As a willing host, you can use Travel Pal to instantly find and connect to travelers visiting your city. You can offer a spare room for them to stay or meet them for a drink and show them around your city for a day or two.

With Travel Pal, a host can easily;
  • Find a traveler to host
  • Share stories about your city and suggest places for your guest to visit
  • Rediscover your home city with a newfound friend from another part of the world
  • Form new friendships
  • Make the travel community an even better one

Travel Pal – just like what its name suggests, is an easy to use mobile app that connects you to fellow travelers from around the world. It not only help you plot your travel itinerary, it also gives you the medium to develop new and lasting friendships on the road. All that plus the local knowledge that will surely help make your trip become a more memorable one.


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