Listening to the Culturally Diverse Music of World Dog Provides a Good Harmony for the Soul

Listening to the Culturally Diverse Music of World Dog Provides a Good Harmony for the Soul

Discovering great music is a tedious trial and error but once in a while you come across a talented musical group that is both up and coming and amazingly distinct. Since the first time I listened to the music of World Dog, I have been impressed and wanting more.

Good thing for the selective music lover such as myself, I had a chance to listen to some of their sample songs. An even better news for lovers of great music, the group is set to record their first album.

World Dog blends harmoniously; influences of Greek traditional folk music and Baroque opera and taking their sound further by peppering it with undertones of progressive and psychedelic rock, therefore elevating their music to wider international flavor.

The various musical elements produced by World Dog, produces these set of unique sounds that dishes a perfect set of harmony to one’s weary soul – and instantly set it on fire with life – just as what music is supposed to achieve.

International Flavor that reaches to all Culture across the Globe

What I like most about the music of World Dog is the international flavor that could easily touch to every culture around the world. There is that wide-ranging sound that appeals to everyone regardless of its Greek traditional music influences. As a traveler, I totally dig these kind of music as I can easily recommend it to other travelers I meet on my own travels.

Art Takes form in World Dog’s Music

What is music if it doesn’t elevate art? The members of World Dog knows the importance of expressing their art through their music. Through the fusion of their assorted musical genius, they easily convey their message and art to their listeners. The haunting vocals and every strings and chords their sound produces, a series of musical tunes instantly evokes the deep feelings of the listener.

A communication line between the artist and us, music lovers are created – accomplishing a feat that would make the past and present musical icons proud – because music is supposed to work this way.

World Dog’s First Album

Setting my initial raves aside, I cannot wait for World Dog’s first studio album and hopefully, I get to watch them display their vigorous performance somewhere in the world in the near future.


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