Yoga Retreats in Asia

Yoga Retreats in Asia
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Yoga is known as one of the best ways to reduce stress levels, relax, and feel your body, mind and soul connected. Most times taking a couple of classes a week isn’t always enough for a person to relax and really experience what yoga can do for you, so visiting some of the fabulous yoga retreats in Asia can be a wonderfully therapeutic experience. Anyone who would like to truly experience yoga should definitely consider India, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand as their top destinations to go to.


The Himalayas could probably be one of the most serene places in the world to practice yoga. The surrounding areas of Rishikesh provide the ultimate peace and perfect atmosphere to unwind and enjoy the classes of this ancient practice. With the gorgeous view of the Gang River and beautiful peacocks that often surround many retreats, India promises the ultimate experience for the yogis from all over the world. In many retreats, there’s a variety of yoga classes, starting from Hatha yoga, pranayama and jai neti to suit all levels, from beginners to pro yogis.

The Philippines

When it comes to yoga retreats, The Philippines rich biodiversity and fabulous landscapes make this destination one of the best if you wants to be in complete sync with nature. The resorts in The Philippines try to incorporate diverse of yoga styles in order to provide their guests with the ultimate yoga experience. From an introduction to yoga, through belly yoga, meditation and pranayama, they offer nothing if not diversity and classes for everyone to feel refreshed, so definitely a place be on everyone’s list of yoga experience destinations to try.

Yoga Retreats in Asia
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Sri Lanka

Some of the resorts in Sri Lanka prefer to include Ayurvedic medicine into their packages, this way providing their guests with an ultimate relaxing experience. In Kammala, yoga classes vary from small to large groups but are mostly held in the mornings, with many offering traditional Hatha yoga in their early rise practices. All guests will be offered traditional massages, acupuncture and other therapeutic practices in such retreats as supplement treatments for the perfect relaxing and rejuvenating experience. All yoga enthusiasts should most definitely visit Sri Lanka absorb the tranquil atmosphere of the island and have the ultimate yoga experience.


The eco-conscious yogi will find Thailand’s retreats even more attractive since many retreats are becoming eco-friendlier, buildings using solar power, rainwater harvesting and natural lighting. Thailand is a place where yoga practice is brought to another level, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about yoga’s philosophy and even gain a yoga teacher’s qualifications if they wish.

Final Thoughts

There’s no better place to practice yoga than Asia. No matter which country one opts for, whether is India, The Philippines, Sri Lanka or Thailand, it’s safe to say that the experience will be one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. With a great diversity of yoga classes and beautiful natural surroundings, whoever is in search of a better balance of body and soul, will most likely find what they are looking for.

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