Visiting the USA: East Coast or West Coast?

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A long-standing divide that can cause problems for those choosing where to visit in America, sun drenched California or fast-paced New York? Both sides of the country have some incredible attractions and world famous cities, but which one should you choose? Here’s the low down to help you make up your mind:


If it’s warm climates and days lazing in the sunshine that you’re after, then the West Coast wins every time. Winter is never harsh on the West Coast and summers can see record high temperatures, with sunbathing and relaxing on the beach a way of life. The East Coast is arguably much more chilly with harsh winters where temperatures can plummet well below zero meaning that wrapping up warm is essential.

Winner: West Coast

The Big Cities

The West Coast is home to the City of Angels itself whilst the East Coast houses the land of freedom. Los Angeles boasts impressive beaches, Beverly Hills and Hollywood making it a must visit for those wanting to do some celeb spotting. But, on the other side of the country however is the USA’s biggest and most famous city, New York. A spectacular display of lights when you look at the sky line at night, New York is fast paced, fashionable and fabulous, pipping Los Angeles to the post.

Winner: East Coast


Yosemite national park is one of the major attractions that the West Coast boasts. For those wanting to see brown bears in their natural habitat or marvel at incredible waterfalls, it’s a definite advantage to visiting the West Coast. However, those who’re wanting a more cultural holiday experience, will adore the interesting history that the East Coast has to offer. From Washington DC to Boston and Philadelphia, there’s so much to see it can be hard to narrow it down with the Niagara Falls a huge draw for many visitors to the coast year upon year. Each side has multiple attractions which you can visit with Trek America depending on your interests so it’s hard to pick a winner.

Winner: It’s a tie

So, which East or West coast, which should you choose?

It all depends on what you’re wanting from your holiday. Arguably the West Coast has some seriously impressive attractions, from hotspots like Venice Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge to Las Vegas and Alcatraz but, the East Coast has the White House, the Niagara Falls and the iconic statue of liberty so with so much to offer it looks like you might have to visit both.

Photo Credits: William Warby under Wikipedia Commons.

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